Welcome to Afrontis, the marketplace for East African Traditional and Cultural products. As a Buyer, imagine Afrontis as your destination to go through the works of multiple esteemed Designers, Creatives, and Makers of Traditional and Cultural products and get them delivered to anywhere in the world. As a seller, this is your marketplace to Showcase, Interact and Sell all your Amazing products with millions of Customers all over the world.

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About Us

A Dubai based online marketplace for East African traditional and cultural products. Our aim is to enable the designers, creatives, and manufacturers of traditional and cultural products by providing a centralized platform to showcase and sell their products.

Our mission is to be an online marketplace of products that curates thousands of African Traditional and Cultural Creatives while making the selection, interactive and transparent.

Our vision is; to make the experience easy to buy and have it delivered to anywhere in the world. We also aspire to help grow the industry through automation as the World benefits from technological advancements.

Currently, we are focusing on East African Products, mainly Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. For any inquiries, comments, etc... Get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.


  1. SIMPLE: Go through multiple traditional and cultural items made with LOVE, Buy directly from creatives and designers of the products of their culture while having the full transparent information about who made it and where. Interactive, with options for customization and add-ons.

  2. SECURE: Make your payments to a business governed by international law, accepting multiple recognized payment methods and feel at ease knowing that we will make sure that you get the right products on the promised date.

  3. FAST & AFFORDABLE: Ship to your preferred locations with world-class couriers with automated shipping options that adjusts your cart making it very cost-effective.
  4. GIVING BACK: Our dream is to see this industry strong and benefited. We are pledging to support and motivate the tireless makers of those amazing products. You are too …

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If you make East African Traditional or Cultural products. Get Registered and Start Selling to the world!!!

This is an invite page for sellers. If you think your products represent East African culture fill the form and GET STARTED!!!

Afrontis, the East African marketplace will be launched on March 29, 2019. Give us your email to receive the news, updates and exclusive sneak peaks of the store. As an early subscriber you will also receive promotion codes and discount vouchers.


  1. FULL CONTROL: Sell your products at your price, manage all aspects of your store including Branding, Photos, Policies, Lead Time, Stock and with an option of creating discount vouchers. All this comes with No Commitments, No Exclusivity, you can Cancel or Downgrade your plan at any time.
  2. FLEXIBLE & AUTOMATED: No need to worry about package delivery and payment methods. Automated shipping options, supporting most countries in the world and a tailor-made service based on your shops' location. Very frequent payouts as well, flexible with any limitations any location may have.
  3. EXTENSIVE REACH: Showcase your products and items to the millions of Afrontis/s customer bases, worldwide. Get marketing tips as well as support from a hands-on team that can speak your language and who are in touch with the region.
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