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What we do

Our software development expierence covers the following areas:

FinTech Software

FinTech demands a high level of custom software expertise and innovation. Experts developers from Pragmatic Coders got the needed domain experience, innovative ideas, and knowledge on how to deliver the secure and reliable FinTech solutions for your business!

Blockchain solutions

Whenever you need to build a decentralized system that stores unalterable data records, blockchain is what you are looking for. Our FinTech experience allows us to adapt Blockchain to the financial solutions.

Cloud solutions

We can help you with a painless migration of your legacy applications and in-house systems to the cloud. Our experienced software developers are not afraid of any legacy code. We love to use our experience to solve such problems!

Mobile aplications

Utilizing our cross-platform mobile development experience, you will get the app that ensures platform-specific functionality and native look and feel, thus bringing you a greater reach.


Technology Solutions for the evolving business at half the cost and in one-third the time.

User Friendly

Today, technology allows making a super powerful platform that will fully meet the expectation of the users.

Fast and responsive solutions

Reactive programming and newest technologies are helping us with implementing High-Performance Responsive Designs.

Height perfomance

We rely on extensive experience and our own platforms. We have ready-to-use systems.

Unlimited Posibility

We create a software that is simple for the user and open to further development.

Out last aplications

Mobile devices first, following this principle, we present our latest projects.


Working with multiple clients allows us to identify and repeat the best-performing development strategies across industries and products.
Modern Apps & Stack
  • Spring Boot
  • Micoroservices
  • Kubernetes / AWS
  • Angular.js
Mobile Apps
  • Node.js
  • NoSQL
  • GraphQL
  • Event sourcing
  • React.js
  • Ethereum platform
  • Solidity
  • Smart contracts
  • Decentralized applications
  • Smart contract audits

How we work?

We analyze
We conduct an analysis of your needs to offer you the best and most optimal solution.
We design
Before creating the system we always create a design of the solution and, on request, prepare a prototype.
We implement
We carry out installation and migration of data for the indicated environment and we secure the system.
We maintain
On our systems we provide a warranty and we offer full service. At that time, we support all customer comments.

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