Tapes & Die Cuts

3M is one resource of industrial tapes for bonding, protecting, masking, enhancing, bundling, shielding, damping, splicing, reinforcing, color coding, case sealing, and more.

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Tape Kits

These kits contain custom developed groupings of technologically advanced 3M Tapes, Adhesives and Products.

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3M adhesives are available as liquids, pastes, tapes, films, and shaped solids.

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Dispensers available are application-designed to meet the needs of the customer.

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Discs, Sheets, Sheet Rolls and other abrasives designed for the wide variety of marine specific applications and tools.

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Provides slip-resistant surface even in the presence of oils and moisture.


Industrial strength solutions for making things that need to open anc lose repeatedly.

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Colored labels used for inventory control and to mark packages.

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Formulations that require no mixing or special application tools.

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Safety Products

3M makes comfortable protection solutions designed to ensure worker safety and meet protection requirements.

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Silicone/EPDM Maskants

These products are used in powder coating masking, e-coating, plating, and anodizing.

Silicone Rubber Products

Chemical structure that gives a high temperature stability and general inertness unavailable in any other elastomer.

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Tape Converting Services

Tape Converting Services Custom Services Line 877-959-8003

TapeCase has 26 different pieces of converting machines and packaging equipment which allows us to offer a large variety of services to convert adhesive tapes to specific needs. TapeCase offers specialty-slitting, die cutting, printing, coating, cut to length and a variety of cores and specialty put ups.

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TapeCase’s products and services reach into virtually every industry with hundreds of tapes and thousands of applications. TapeCase inventories over 600 logs of different types of tapes that can be slit, die cut, or custom fabricated with small minimums and shipped within 24-48 hours. Your application may be unique to you but may not be very much different from what we do every day.


About TapeCase

Since 1972, TapeCase an ISO 9001 accredited company, has been an industry-leading supplier of 3M Tape, 3M Abrasives, 3M Adhesives, 3M Products and a complete variety of industrial tapes, discounted up to 18% off. We pride ourselves in our industry leading knowledge, excellent product selection and wide array of custom tape solutions available.

While we specialize in tapes and adhesives for industrial applications, we leverage over 40 years of tape and adhesive experience matching the perfect 3M Tape or product to your specific application. From engineer to contractor to the hobbyist or the do it yourselfer, TapeCase has the perfect tape or adhesive solution for you.

If you are not sure what product best suits your application, call us Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM 877-959-8003 Central Standard Time or phasianic with any questions.