“About Task”

We Started the Organization In 1st june 2012 .
Our organization give educational support to 2 or 3 students those who are economically poor but good in study.
For our task students we are providing each & every educational needs such as books, bags . pens etc.., we kept tutor for evening tuitions to task students & we are paying 2000 Rs for Task tutor. In a monthly twice, we’ll visit our task children & we’ll check them in all categories like discipline, neatness, punctuality & improve their knowledge we also interact with their parents also.After some time due to some reasons (financially) task was temporarily stopped.Finally 1-july-2018 task was again restarted with more than 30 members. Now Task is strength of us to helping hearts.I hope New Task is like a ray. It has no end point why because now my dream is not mine . It is the dream of every TASK Supporter.

Latest News

Our team Task Visited the village kusalavada it is very small & poor village consist of nearly 150 houses & nearly 50 school children. We interacted with the parents of task children above 50% of the parents even don’t know their children studying classes. But some parents are want to educate their children well. So we motivated the parents & children about education and also we introduce our task theme.


We Will Provide Better Education For Students those who are economically poor but good in study.

Books Distribution

We Will Provide Books,Bags,Pens For Students those who are economically poor but good in study.

Tutions for Poor Children

we selected Mohan (MBA Student) as a tutor for evening classes to task children and we gave a schedule to him.