START AT 15-10-2018 Interlude Server


We need a GM

para mas informacion pueden contactarse
con el staff atraves del whatzzap +34640883311

On 30-09-2018

Farm Zones Update

Now farm zones drop S84 Items, Coins and Enchant Scrolls.

On 01-08-2018

Nevit's Blessing

The Nevit's Blessing will be activated tomorrow. And in next update Vitality Potions will be addet to shop.

On 01-08-2018

First Event/ Primer Evento

The first event is the creation of promotion video for the server. The players can make some video and upload the video to youtube.
Then you have to post the lik to the video in the forum with your player name and e-mail address.
1st Place 3 Gloden Exp Scrolls, 1500 Silver Coins, 750 Golden Coins, 550 Blood Coins.
2nd Place 750 Silver Coins, 450 Golden Coins. 250 Blood Coins.
3rd Place 1000 Silver Coins, 600 Golden Coins.

On 30-09-2018


Welcome to Lineage II xTreme, here you can find all type of fun features, and enjoy a custom (mid) rate server rates are 20x but there are some mobs with custom drop and exp/sp, you have special scrolls that increase rates, so the rate is hard to define is unique experience.

On 30-09-2018

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