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From understanding a source to exploring the landscape, your news analysis can take many forms. Tracking everything is impossible. We can help you find the way.

"An excellent team and a cutting-edge technology in news and data analysis, with a variety of applications in the extensive field of journalism."
- Christos Iereidis, Ethnos Newspaper

For Journalists

Balancing deadlines with quality and in-depth journalistic research can pose a difficult challenge even for the best of professionals in the field.

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Source Analysis

Validate a digital news source, from author to language and content, with just a click.

Understand the Media Landscape

Take a closer look at the wider perspective without sacrificing any speed.

Data Journalism made easy

Dive into the next generation of journalism easily and with no extra knowledge.

"FightHoax is at the forefront of fake News and a building block of the new ecosystem of information."
- Anastasios Oikonomou ,Futurology

For Digital Publishers

Staying ahead of the curve and keeping up with news production in the 21st century requires more than actual content. It requires context.

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Behind the News

Understand the background noise of the topics and events that you care about.

Measure an Event's Impact

Empower your content with the timelines of events and their social impact.


Add analyses charts and information directly on your website, with just a few clicks.

For Newsrooms and Agencies

Keeping up with news production sometimes means sacrificing quality for speed.
It doesn't have to.

Breaking News

Got a breaking story? Focus on getting the exclusive out, without sacrificing background research.

Mitigate your Risk

Stay on top of your news production with Fake News, Disinformation, Information Overload and Extreme Content recognition mechanisms.

Monitor Events

Identify the insights, patterns and trends impacting audiences from billions of sites, stories and posts across the web.

Safeguard your Reputation

It takes a moment to go from breaking news to fake news. Make sure you don't.

For Business

Customer experience and User engagement are valuable parts of any business. Maintaining quality is a major priority.

Data to Actionable Information

Create and use additional filters in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Target with Precision

Reach beyond content targetting and extend your efforts with informational context.


Leverage real-time and historical data in machine-readable format, customized to your own company's solutions and perfectly suited to your business goals.

Fake News Identification

Bullet-proof your company's reputation, users and platform from fake news, information overload and harmful content.

"The synergy between the technological innovative solution of FightHoax, infused with the years-long journalistic expertise of ECI, can form great beneficiary initiatives."
- European Communications Institute

For Research

Big Data revolutionizes Academic research.
FightHoax offers methodology-based technology which can enhance source and context analysis, at a scale.

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The FightHoax technology gives you the ability to enrich with Natural Language Understanding your news landscape.

Metrics and Benchmarking

Charts and Timelines. We take care of that for you. Automagically.

Focus on Perspective

Discover the hidden aspects of the news topic and come into conclusions that you can't uncover with a naked eye.

For you.

As a citizen, your freedom and right in consuming and producing news is held at the highest regard. Become a part of the process and join us.