MiraCall™ is an affordable, light and versatile security system that can be easily modified to suit your needs.


– No monthly or yearly license fees, once you have purchased the software, you can keep using it as long as you need.

– MiraCall™ is not limited to alarms but it can also be used for communication within the work community.

– The system is installed into the customer’s pre-existing Windows operating system and it boots automatically when starting the computer.

– You don’t need any additional equipment, alarm buttons or cords for the system.

– The expansions available to MiraCall™ include wrist worn transmitter alarms, external relaycard that controls 4 relays (you can change each one to either NO or NC), a GSM-modem for SMS alarms.

– There are numerous alarm options, such as sound alarm, network alarm to another computer, email and text message to a mobile phone. The alarm can be acknowledged from the computers and phones connected to the system.


In all software purchases, a download link to the installation package is in provided in 1-2 working days after the payment.

– Easy installation, 5404668583