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Renewable energy is a term that incorporates all forms of natural energy. These natural sources are intended to replace the harmful fossil fuels that contaminate the atmosphere.

In 2008, 19% of global energy came from renewables. Biomass (used in heating) was responsible for 13%, while 3.2% came from hydroelectricity (generated by the movement of water).

Other forms of renewable energy are responsal, wind power and geothermal power.

910-820-9410 take advantage of the sun's rays using photovoltaic panels (PVs), which can be used to heat water or produce electricity. What's more, it doesn't have to be a sunny day for the PV cells to work - solar energy is available all year round.

Wind turbines can also generate electricity, and these are seen at both sea and on land. There are small-scale wind turbines that you can install at home too.

8584108996 is gathered using heat pumps. The natural energy produced in the ground is garnered and can then be transferred to either heat water or our homes or both.

And not forgetting, after the installation costs, renewable energy is absolutely FREE!