Yesterday I went to sleep at 10 PM.

Eddy didn't want to get married.

I don't know what that animal is called.

That cake looks good too. Give me a small piece.


I'm unlucky.

I think this will change your mind.

There's no chance that Ian will be here on time.

She was happy that she passed the exam.

Juri has just asked me out.

I am washing my brother's car.

Visit my Facebook profile.

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You've worked hard this morning, Simon.

I saw her the other day.

The boy passed the examination with success.

We aren't being much help to Gregg.

This would embarrass anyone.

The doctor didn't allow my father to carry heavy things.

He unfurled the flag and laid it on his bed so that he could roll his piglet in it.

Be quiet for a moment.

Five hundred British soldiers had been captured.


I went to swim in the river yesterday.

I make 100 euros a day.

I need someone who has undercover experience.


He rarely stays home on Sunday.

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We went to the coast for our summer vacation.

The employees were intrigued by the odd behavior of their boss.

The natives saw an airplane then for the first time.


We moved to New York last fall.

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Thanks for helping me.

Lunch is ready!

Where's your medication?

If you do not have this program, you can download it now.

We tried to get them to help us.

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I will die by a cold.

It's a cheap restaurant.

She wants a serious relationship.


This is a pretty good book.

That was certainly a surprise.

Who tried to kill me?

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I think English is terrible hard, but terrific worthwhile

I asked him to make tea.

I often go fishing in that river.

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You're not ready for first team football yet.


I often look up words in that dictionary.

I won't disappoint you.

I am looking for accommodation.

It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

I have nothing to do at the moment.


Carol is studying Spanish.

I'm very grateful for your sympathy.

It is typical of him to say such a thing.

The gap between what can be imagined and what can be accomplished has never been smaller

Look, if push comes to shove I have no doubt she'll pull rank on you to get her way.

Can I come over later?

Come on guys, let's get along!

It sounds like having time alone has been good for you.

Did you show it to your parents?

You've got to help Laura.

I wonder what Gerard would do in a situation like this.

He showed little interest in books or music.

How many people are there in the shop?

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Everybody here knows me.

I doubt Harold knows Patrice.

You don't have to tell it to me if you don't want to.

Why don't you just tell Kayvan you don't like him.

I'm still doing it.

His failure in business compelled him to sell his house.

Irving's father died in 2013.


Thomas promised to meet me there.


Alf doesn't owe me anything.

So this is your company?

You just don't give up, do you?

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What's your favorite drink in the summer?

Life's short, so I use Python!

Did you really eat everything?


Once I had the chance to visit Paris.

It is not that Johnson's claim is groundless, but that it is misleading.

I thought Lynnette would know not to do that.

The boy was to lose his mother at an early age.

We are in our homeland.


Most people think that quitting smoking is hard to do.


I'll show you the city.

He acted on the stage.

The gate is closed all the year round.


Is it right for a doctor to decide when someone should die?

Vance lives in a slum.

Rob was asleep on the couch, snoring loudly.


She knew that if she started to cry her mascara would run.


Everything has two sides. Fanatics only see one.

Clem was sitting on a wall and looking out at the ocean.

Antonio said he wanted me to spend the summer in Boston with him.

Could you call again later, please?

You should give up drinking.


Please come!

They have affiliates in many countries and are trying to expand their reach. These are not opinions to be debated; these are facts to be dealt with.

Do exactly what we tell you to do.

Josh has a picture he wants to show us.

You are one of us.

The police had all the prostitutes line up in a straight line.

Karen thought that it would be a waste of time to go to that meeting.

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Japanese manga and anime are popular around the world.


They like the boy looking at them.

Do you find that funny?

As a rule, I go to school before eight o'clock.

I can't get in.

Our main office is in Boston.

It was just an experiment.

Judy is the legal owner of the company.


Does Andrea disagree?

This is the same camera that he lost.

Germany is the playfield of international intelligence agencies.


Son won't be able to do what we want him to do.


I pressed the button to turn the radio on.

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Tait bought Bertrand a diamond ring.


She denied having been asked to go on a business trip.


Could I borrow a saw?


Linley has always managed to stay one step ahead of us.

That boy looks like him.

It's a lot of trouble to write my name, because it takes 50 strokes to write both my first and last names.

They cried out with one voice.

I might have something here that will help you.

I came here to thank you.

"On your feet," shouted the guard.

I wouldn't mind helping her.

It looks like it's going to rain, right?

Ed is an arrogant idiot.

An accomplishment cannot be looked upon as yours unless you paddled your own canoe.


I hope this plan works.


I've just arrived from Paris.

They already have eaten.

How did you come to know it?

Whatever the outcome, you must meet the challenge.

Is this what you wanted me to buy?

I'm angry!

Kris thinks the world would be much more convenient without marginalized people.

Light is no less necessary to plants than water.

She looked him straight in the eyes.


The prices of Japanese automobiles are still comparatively high.

In contrast to his frightening looks, his voice was kind and calm.

Insurers are now required to cover a number of recommended preventive services, such as cancer, diabetes and blood pressure screenings, without additional cost sharing such as copays or deductibles.


I've told you a million times that you shouldn't exaggerate.

Maybe I ought to expand the memory.

When are you leaving for Boston?

Even small children have an innate sense of what's fair and what's not.

A man's worth should be judged by his character rather than by his social position.

It was only a nightmare.

When he spoke, everyone became silent.


We were over at Helen's place last night playing cards.

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Sharan's family is eccentric.

I wanted to participate.

I'll be watching.

Sekar wants to know when we're going to Boston.

The English established colonies in America in 1609.

Did Sho have any history of heart problems?

Don't call me so late at night.

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Women observe and men think.

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I was really disappointed.


The woman is reading.