You should be careful.

If anyone can fix this, it's Vivek.

I don't want to lose you again.

She took her book.

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The most lopsided Grand Slam final in tennis history was the 1988 French Open final, when Steffi Graf of FRG pummeled Natasha Zvereva of USSR 6-0, 6-0. The entire match lasted merely 34 minutes.


Don't listen to rumors.

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States.

I have finally regained my regular form.

I skipped out on my appointment with my boss.

No man is rich enough to buy back his own past.

No one is allowed to go there.

Because it's time you grew up.

We'd like that.

The boys do not sit on benches in the garden, but lie on the soft grass.

The long wait at the airport was tedious.

The lecturer had interesting slides to show.

Ginny pushed his plate away and said that he had eaten enough.

If it were not for air and water, we could not live.

Takeuchi seems to be reliable.

You aren't late.

I wonder which one of you is lying.

Trent and Nigel both work for me.

She danced with him.

It'll snow today.

I'm a special person? Thanks. ;)

You have meat.


Anyhow it will be a good idea to hurry up.

Jurevis tries hard.

Words travel across the universe.

Rajiv told Carole that he believed what John said.

The boy ran away when he saw me.

Whatever happens, don't open that door.

One can't survive without money.

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One thing is for sure: If you keep up the relationship like this, it won't be good, either for you, or for your children.

Yes. And it's only a hop, skip and a jump to the nearest mall.

Will the groundhog see his shadow?

It won't be easy persuading Loyd to come with us.

You will have your own way.

I know Derek is hiding something.

We derive a great deal of pleasure from watching baseball games.


How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted musical instruments as the ears, and such fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can experience itself anything less than a god?

You dropped your key.

We have to ask after Johnnie.

I couldn't go out because of the rain.

I told Jane to calm down.

I just gave her 30 dollars.

There are few apples in the basket.

Something bad happened to them.

I want to speak with you.

I want you to help us find out who killed Alastair.

The truth doesn't need many words.

Farouk seems to be excited.

I thought they looked familiar.

It could've been better.

Dan didn't even throw the ball.

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I've never dated anyone taller than me.

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We need to protect the earth.


My father is good with tools and does almost all the repair.

I don't live in Turin.

Call Mah and see what he thinks.

I can't blame you for being angry.

You could pass.

There are more people there.

I am surprised that she should have done such a thing.

Did you tell him I was joking?

That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Francis doesn't know what to do about it.

There was nothing left to do.

Mathematics is my favorite subject.

That's a great question.

She fell in love with a hotshot lawyer.

To know one's self is to be free.

He fell in love with the girl.

I thought maybe I'd better not go home right away.

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You can't go yet because you still have a few things to do.

Nothing appears to have happened.

The Spanish voice-over was complete shit.

A lost child was sobbing at the police box.

I was loved.

I come from a broken home.

Corey likes sitting on the beach in the early morning.

I would appreciate it if you could reserve a room at a convenient location for visiting your office.

Anderson told me why he didn't like Ken.

There was a pack of paper on the table.

The inscription reads: "Defend the children of the poor and punish the wrongdoer".

What do they do there?

I'm going to the airport.

We want it to be a surprise.

Mara is older than that.

Dan tried to get Linda to help his daughter with her studies.

Norbert opened the front door.

I'd like to have something to eat.

I think you've drunk enough.


It is easier to hit on people on the Internet than in the street.

We're attempting a rescue operation.

He doesn't have a clue about anything. But he still has an opinion about everything.

Would you like me to proofread this?

I cannot travel by plane.

Carol often watches horror movies.

Matthieu is the artistic type.

Liz Lochhead is very nationalist.

On the outside this building is not remarkable, but if you look inside there is a courtyard with a very beautiful garden.

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Whose lyrics are these?


Just try it.

After that, I'll leave for Saigon.

Who brought them?

There's nothing out here.

I'm not going to let you go to the dance with Brad.

It is no use reasoning with a child.

She was a kind person.


In Asian culture it's customary to take one's shoes off before entering a house or temple.

It was none other than the king.

There seems to be a lot of rich people living in this part of town.

Ernst said he didn't do anything wrong.

Donna pinched my arm.


Counting money in other people's pockets isn't good, but it's interesting.

I haven't heard from Deborah yet.

They dance in circles to communicate a short distance, and shake their bodies and dart back and forth to indicate a longer distance.

We ought to expect some casual visitors.

Today, automobiles have taken the place of horses as the principal means of transportation.

Uncle Vasya gave me a painting as a gift.

Somebody's watching us.

How many beers did you drink?

It's a really tough challenge.

Let's pay them a visit.

Talking of John, what has become of his sister?

Can you give your thoughts on that?

Vinod left the party at 2:30.

One of the subjects that run all through the movie is the subject of urban romance.

The novelist gathered materials for his work.

He bought many books at the bookstore.

I have a report I need to work on.

There was a handwritten note on the door.

Maybe it's time for a change.

Norma doesn't really want to go with us.

I'm just a boy who makes mistakes.


I've been shopping here for ages.

We'll talk when I get back, OK?

What's your favorite candy?


Of course, I'll come back.

You won't be able to try it on.

Hazel is the only person who could have stolen Seenu's necklace.

I wondered what Duke was going to say.

He went there by bike.


Have you told Ginny where Evelyn lives?


He often reads far into the night.


There is more charity at this time than at any other.

Have you ever seen Saqib without his glasses on?

You're in good company.

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A bird is known by its song and a man by his way of talking.

His advice would be very useful to you.

Tell her to stop worrying.

The woman is eating bread.

Why do you want to become a nurse?

You can close your eyes to reality but not to memories.

I'm glad you stayed in Boston for an extra three days.

Is there anything you want to discuss?

Teacher, I will write it in pen.

Her arms were bound fast.

Why don't you enlighten us?


Where were you at the time of the fire?

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I went to that party by myself.

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We should go whole hog.

I have waited for her all my life.

I didn't plan on this happening.


I wrote the wrong address on the envelope.

They went their separate ways.

Merril hopes to extend his stay in Boston.

I'm not feeling relaxed.

You have to learn standard English.


At first sight, it seemed larger to me.

Randall was shot when he surprised the burglars.

We have to stop Floria before he hurts anybody else.

Their job is to card the wool.

Let them do the talking.