It's not a bribe.

I've done some terrible things in my life.

It took less than five minutes for me to write that letter.

He failed to appear on the occasion.

They broke up after 7 years of marriage.

I don't like people who always insist on talking about politics.

During reentry and landing, the Space Shuttle is a glider.

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Raghu is on the ship's deck.


None of it was real.

He's twenty-four years old.

Milner does this all the time.

Her skin is perfectly smooth.

As you already know, I don't speak French very well, so I'd rather not give a speech in French.

I won't accept no for an answer.

You should do away with such evil customs.

Thanks for the safety tip.

You may be able to pass unnoticed in a city, but in a village that's not possible.

I won't let anyone hurt them.

Eat bread, drink water, you shall leave without grief.


Please inform her.


We never really talked.

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Phillip certainly wouldn't be pleased if Malus went out on a date with John.

He was bursting to go home.

Hold your ground.


For my friends, everything; for my enemies, the law.

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Moran is considered an expert in his field.

I might be able to do something about that.

In those days, I used to go to bed earlier.


Electricity has taken the place of steam.

Rik bought a condo.

I won the first prize.


Malaria is carried by mosquitoes.


You see, humans don't create time; if we did we'd never run out of it.

How did your dog get in here?

That suitcase isn't theirs.

I respect your opinion, Anthony.

For the time being we two had better not meet too often.

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.

Stanley has a one-track mind.


You don't need to leave immediately.

What time's your flight?

Rayan swiftly approached Amy and snatched her purse from her.

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She kept on dancing all through the party.


The weeks flee like dreams.


The room wasn't cleaned by Kate.

Marilyn felt he had done his duty.

Johnathan checked his mailbox.

There was no need for you to kill Lou.

Cole saw a black cat as he was walking under a ladder, so he dropped the mirror he was carrying and it broke.

How did your test go?

We told Hamilton not to stay out late.

Can you direct me to the nearest subway station?

Dan attempted to find out more about Linda's troubled past.

The Takamatuzuka burial mound is located in Nara prefecture, Asukamura.

Niall can't go home until after 2:30.


I want you to keep an eye on things.

If you read this message, write to me.

Of course, I remember you.


Mwa looks nonplussed.


Apparently, Ramon doesn't like me.

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I thought I was just lucky.

Do you want me to tell Arnold that?

She ignores the fact that she is at fault.

I'm ordering pizza.

Let's see what you're made of.

The experiment was successful.

When you leave the meeting room, please, switch off the light.

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What do the stage directions suggest?

Sam owes what he is today to his father.

Could I work part-time?


Everybody seemed on the best of terms with everybody else, and jokes and banter passed from one to another with the most good-natured freedom.

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We've got a lot more than just biceps in our arms, Per.

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It's common knowledge that the earth turns on its axis.

Who told you that I dropped out of school?

I tried to stop him.

Can you come and get me?

Why haven't you told her yet?

I will be seeing her again one of these days.

Each of us must be careful when driving a car.

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I think it's highly unlikely that Andries will drink any beer.

The secret service guards him against attack.

This is the key for the box.


I haven't met him.

It is shameful for you that any (penalty) whatever should be lacking which any one might wish to exact from these men.

Eat a lot of vegetables.


Sanjeev is nice.

There are algae in the sea.

My wife remembered having been in the town before.


Everett is probably jogging now.


You're lucky you're a boy.


Even though I didn't want to drink alone, I did.

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I have just returned from a pleasant vacation at the seaside.

The electricity went out, but it's back on now.

I paid in advance.


We all wish you were here with us.

Suwandi lost her purse.

Van donated money to the Red Cross to help survivors of the earthquake.


If I had your looks, I think I'd hang myself.

My watch isn't working properly.

I didn't buy the book.


There are a few points where you are mistaken.

This broken vase is irreparable.

The pioneers dug some wells so that they would have water.


I ate lunch two hours ago.

I know you love him.

I wonder if Monica knows how to play the flute.


Orthography is very important.


It's obvious that he's right.


I recently learned about what Stephanie did.

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Next, the snake has scales over his eyes and cannot see very well with these lidless eyes.

It will not be long before you accommodate yourself to the new circumstances.

I know it's my fault.

I know lots of songs.

I know I've said some pretty stupid things today.

How much money do you owe Jamie?

I'll check back with you in a few hours.

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If you have something to say, say it to my face.

American women didn't have the right to vote.

I don't like the new guy.

Santa slammed the door as he left.

There's a huge number of people there.

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Ning remains under house arrest.


After a short while, he began to talk nonsense.

He has at last retired from public office.

Get their weapons.

It doesn't matter whether the cat is white or black; the important thing is that it can catch mice.

When are you going back to work?

I'd probably lose if I played tennis with Jared.

Have you seen one?


Stop it this minute!

Is it true that you coated the wall with clay?

I understand your frustration.

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Tim doesn't like to talk about this kind of thing.

David didn't know Bertrand was such a good cook.

Catching bugs can be a fun activity for children.

After his brother was killed by a rival gang, Francois planned revenge.

You're a rich man.

The United States of America is a democratic country.

If we do that, everything's going to be all right.

Peter is a night owl.

The man jumped at our offer of a half-price bargain sale.

Did you read it at all?

He does not know what it is to be poor.

This book is widely available in libraries.

This year's good harvest will make up for last year's bad one.


Whom did you vote for in the election?

Sridharan has a laconic sense of humour.

War is not inevitable.

Betty can play the piano.

Has anybody solved this mystery?

You'll break it if you're not careful.

All the students are studying English.

I shall never follow links posted by Muiriel again.

Get off at the next stop and take a bus headed to the airport.

How long did you stay there?

I think they look good.