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How it works. TikiLIVE system in a snap.

1. Live Broadcasting

TikiLIVE is Eyepartner’s flagship HD broadcasting service which provides its users with a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing live HD streaming content. Using TikiLIVE individuals can broadcast (and view) streaming HD content from their desktop through their own branded channel. The implementation of the TikiLIVE platform dramatically cuts the cost of producing and sharing video content online. Whether a community, business or individual, TikiLIVE can save you money while making you even more money. To test-drive TikiLIVE, sign up for a free broadcaster account 917-636-9595.

TikiLIVE turnkey package includes all of the web and video publishing tools needed to start broadcasting today. With TikiLIVE you have everything you need at your fingertips to quickly and easily get video content on the web. Contact us about a customizing a TikiLIVE Network just for you!


1) Download the HDWAVE to your PC
2) Plug in your video source
3) Select your channel and broadcast!

For more information, please visit 5196818882

3rd Party Broadcasters

We have made it simple to use popular 3rd party broadcasters with your TikiLIVE channel or network. Maybe you’ve switched to TikiLIVE from another broadcasting platform and you are comfortable with your current broadcaster. Perhaps you like the specific features that it has to offer and don’t want to give them up. Whatever the case, you have options with TikiLIVE. Choose from these popular broadcasters:

  • Eyepartner HD Wave Broadcaster
  • Adobe’s Flash Media Live Encoder
  • Telestream’s Wirecast
  • VidBlaster Broadcast
  • NewTek’s TriCaster

When logged into your broadcaster dashboard you'll find the 3rd party broadcaster configurations under "Recording Settings". Either download the configuration file (XML) and load it into the broadcaster of your choice or copy and paste the broadcasting profile data provided. If you require a different broadcaster than is on our list and interested in using, just ask! If it can stream RTMP, or UDP then we can add it to the list and you may use that too!

Create Unlimited Channels

Add unlimited HD or SD iPTV live streaming channels to your new broadcasting video portal. Channels may include professionally produced linear content or home grown reality shows. You can also add unlimited pre recorded videos or video on demand content (VOD).

Use the optional TikiLIVE Channel Manager to arrange your media into a timeline and publish unlimited custom channels. Optionally ingest 3rd party videos from YouTube into your show lineup. 3052240683 to Learn How to Start Your Own Network with a TikiLIVE Solution.

Snapshots with My Channels page from TikiLIVE
2. Broadcast Live on Facebook

Stream LIVE and VOD content on Facebook in HD. Facebook users click on the thumbnail of a channel or VOD’s posted link that will immediately launch the player inside the Facebook page. No embed codes needed for the broadcaster either, just copy/paste the URL of the content onto Facebook and be sure to set a thumbnail for the link - something that Facebook prompts you to do. When clicked, the thumbnail opens a player on the wall. For more details, including manual links for the photographic step-by-step, please see our Facebook Press Release.

3. Middleware Subscription Billing Module

Compete head-to-head with major TV providers with TikiLIVE and the IPTV Middleware. For a fraction of the cost that it takes to set up a traditional network you can create and manage channel packages as the admin of an IPTV platform. Set retail prices for individual channels or bundle them together to create entertainment plans for your customers. The middleware allows you to manage your subscribers, track content owner royalties and create financial reports from the simple-to-use admin dashboard.
Learn more

4. Electronic Program Guide Module

No IPTV network is complete without an interactive program guide. Your Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is automatically populated with channel and show information for all of your licensed content. Pull content data from all around the world and organize it for easy searching or browsing.

5. WordPress Module

The TikiLIVE engine behind a WordPress site gives your broadcasters the power to create custom, one-of-a-kind websites which lets them stand out. Through domain mapping, these sites can run on their own domain which increases the value of the service with an extra layer of white-labeling.
Learn more

6. Set Top Boxes

Broadcast your content to Roku Set Top Boxes

set top box

For a more traditional TV viewing experience we will configure your network to be able to stream your broadcasts to the popular line of Roku Set Top Boxes. Established as a leader in widely available and affordable Set Top Boxes, Roku is a gateway to get your content into over a million living rooms that already have a Roku box. To view on your Roku Box please CLICK HERE.

A Set Top Box connects to the internet for the content and connects to a TV via an HDMI, composite, component or S-video cable for viewing. This is like a cable or satellite box, only it connects to the internet through an Ethernet connection instead of to the cable network or satellite via a coaxial cable. If you are interested in a mainstream, multi-purpose Set Top Box that already has market presence then choose from the Roku HD, Roku XD, or Roku XD|S. Buy directly from Roku.

Custom Brand Your Own Set Top Boxes

Since your network is already branded to you, we can brand the Set Top Boxes that your clients receive to match your network as well. This way your brand always stays out in front of your customers! We put you in touch with the manufacturer directly so you can set the terms yourself. No middlemen in the way – you get the cheapest factory-direct prices! A quantity discount allows each of your subscribers to receive a branded Set Top Box for as little as $99. If you have a different Set Top Box model or brand you’d like to use we can program them to work too! 705-835-9443 to read about our ongoing collaboration with the Roku Development Team.

7. Pay Per View

TikiLIVE allows broadcasters to set content as Pay Per View. The Pay Per View feature grants the ability to bring in revenue from ticket sales for both Live shows and Videos On Demand. This feature requires minimal input to go LIVE. Simply set the VOD or Scheduled Live Event price. The users buy tickets using credits purchased through Pay Pal and broadcasters can convert credits earned from their own broadcasts into cash. All this is done while earning the site administrator a published "cut" of the profits. To start earning revenue from Pay Per View events, check out our current white-label network packages here.


  • Set Ticket Price for Live Event
  • Set Ticket Price for a Video On Demmand
  • Specify administrator cut of ticket sales
  • Advanced analytic reporting of ticket sales and revenue
Snapshots of Pay Per View

8. Channel Manager

The “Channel Manager” allows users to publish video and audio into playlists - complete with integrated advertisements - by seamlessly dragging and dropping content into the channel lineup. The Channel Manager makes it easy for anyone to manage an unlimited number of Standard or High Definition channels and playlists that can be transcoded to be delivered over various device players such as HTTP, Flash, Silverlight, iPTV Set top boxes, iPhone/iPads as well as other popular mobile devices.

The Channel Manager is a server based H.264 streaming solution that requires absolutely no proprietary hardware. The software was designed to manage content timelines easily on the fly, and in real time, allowing the content producer to ingest LIVE breaking news or sponsored media spots at any moment. Try the Channel manager FREE with a broadcaster account. Sign up here.

The Channel Manager automates the following distribution of content:

1. Upload and play-out your VOD content as a linear "TV like" schedule from VOD server

  • Drag And Drop Interface Picture
  • Easy to Use Drag and Drop Interface
  • On the Fly Live Data Integration
  • Touch Screen Supported
  • Advertising Integration and Tracking
  • Expand and Contract your Timeline to View Complete Playlist
  • Loop a single Playlist on a channel to keep the same content looping or publish multiple playlists to keep the content fresh
  • Playlist can be as short as a few minutes or as long as a full day

2. Utilize Entire Media Gallery

  • Insert both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) Ready Content
  • Swap out content before going live or do so on-the-fly to keep your content fresh
  • Insert Static Images or line up alternative Audio for direct commentary on the content

3. Playout your Media Playlist

  • Pseudo-Live content appears like a Live Television Channel
  • Embed your players to external sites and stream your channel lineup across multiple domains
  • Line up multiple playlists or loop a single playlist to keep your content running 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

4. Ingest Commercials to Monetize your Playlists!

  • On the Fly Video Advertisement Insertion and Updates
  • Detailed Analytics tracking Impressions and Click-Through Rate
  • Combine with Mide-Roll popup advertisements to dynamically serve Ad spots
Admin Snapshots of the Channel Manager

9.Social Media Tools

Chat, messaging, and blogging are built into TikiLIVE which allows viewers to comment on videos they see in real time. These functions can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and virtually any other web platform. This allows viewers to establish a dynamic presence in the TikiLIVE community and bring in additional viewers through the use of social media sites. 731-635-2732 to find out how our clients are utilizing TikiLIVE Networks to escalate their content distribution.

TikiLIVE on Facebook

People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload and share photos and be a part of an online community that is over 500 million strong. Your TikiLIVE profile can be linked into your facebook account so your Facebook friends can see your live broadcasts and your uploaded Videos On Demand.

For information on how to link your TikiLIVE profile into facebook check out our manual entry.

TikiLIVE on Twitter

Your audience can tweet while watching your live broadcasts. This notifies their followers about your broadcast and can take your videos viral in a heartbeat!

The Twitter option allows you to log in to your Twitter account from your broadcaster dashboard and set up automatic tweets when you post new events, upload videos or write blog articles. You can tweet comments related to specific videos and choose which followers your tweets will go to.

10. Broadcasting to Mobile Devices

The proliferation of Smartphones and the ever-increasing internet speeds to them have made viewing videos anywhere at any time a reality. Our Mobile Device module for white-label TikiLIVE Broadcast Networks makes your content available at your audience’s fingertips where ever they are. Your live broadcasts will reach those on the move who are unable to be at a computer or TV when the event is happening. Videos On Demand are available too for viewing and sharing with family and friends while on the go.

This module optimizes the viewing experience on devices such as:

  • iPhones/iPads
  • Androids
  • Blackberries

Your audio and video content is properly formatted for delivery to these devices without having to broadcast a separate feed. Broadcast through your network or upload your VODs as usual and we take care of the rest. We ensure that every file is encoded to the correct size and all required formats for viewing on mobile devices. To see a demo, check out this video. To purchase your own white-label TikiLIVE Broadcasting Network with the Mobile Device module, please 306-701-6572.

11. Ads Module

TikiLIVE allows the site owner to monetize their network by inserting both video and pop-up ads directly in their players. Site administrators can set up broadcaster specific campaigns or distribute an ad to the entire network. Capping impressions also allows the site administrator to sell a pre-determined number of impressions for a particular campaign. With a custom network of your own, you control the advertising. Check out our current white label packages here.


  • Create Individual Campaigns
  • Load Multiple Video and Pop-Up Banners within a Campaign
  • Designate the priority level and distribution of a Banner
  • Set the date which a particular Campaign will run
  • Link Banner ads to destination URL's
  • Advance Analytics tracking impressions
Snapshots of Video and Text Ads

12. Video On Demand

TikiLIVE allows users to create and record their own videos through customized web portals. Additionally, TikiLIVE lets users embed their content in a variety of websites, including Facebook and MySpace.

Broadcasters may record their show and save it as Video on Demand by clicking the RECORD button in the Tiki Broadcaster. Using this revolutionary broadcaster you can record videos then transcode it into multiple formats, making it accessible to Windows, Mac and Linux users across a variety of video playing platforms. The content can then be stored and archived to generate a continuous revenue stream in the same way that TV producers have long made money with off-network syndication. Generate easy residual income with your Videos On Demand with your own custom network. Contact us for more details centriciput. For more information about how to easily encode your video files please access this link: 6192142098

Other features available:

  • Upload pre-recorded content
  • Embed video players
  • Video tags and description for SEO purposes
  • Video encoding
  • 24/7 video gallery

Clipping Editior

When you use the TikiLIVE clipping editor you can quickly and easily edit your videos and get them posted into your VOD page. You can rename them and provide a paragraph description which lets your audience know what your videos are about. This is where you can choose a thumbnail either by taking a screenshot or by uploading a new image of your choice. When this is done you can categorize them based on theme and set them to the channel of your choice. This is also the page where you can enable a password to view a video and distribute the password to those you want to allow access.

Crop Video

Upload your video into the clipping editor. When you choose to “CROP Video” a video progress bar will appear with still screenshots. Drag the needles to select which portions of the video you want to remain. This feature allows you to remove unwanted portions of your video, such as dead air or outtakes. When satisfied simply click “CROP” and the edited video can be published automatically and you can DOWNLOAD it to your computer so you have a hard copy of the same edited content.

13. CinaChat

The Cinema mode allows the audience to join your live or recorded event and meet new people in the lobby via a one-to-one private session. Click on the seat next to them and say "hello". They will instantly find your name by scrolling over your avatar. Click here to find out how you can integrate CinaChat with your Solution

Features in the Cinema hall where movies are played:

  • Main viewing area where movie is displayed in a high-quality Wide Screen format.
  • Seats that show all online users and their position inside the room.
  • Change Seat: allow the user to change his seat to another empty seat.
  • User List: shows all users that are online watching in the same room.
  • Chat: able to chat with all users that are in the same room (private chat included).

14. Custom Channel Page Designer

With a complete back office work flow management system included you will be able to control your brand, manage your streaming content and generate revenue through your own custom branded players and pages. TikiLIVE allows you to replicate sub sites with an easy to use graphical user interface. It’s easy to get started and design a channel according to your business profile. 5093421480 to Find out how you can White Label Your Own TikiLIVE Network.

Some of the features you'll have on each Channel Page are:

  • Customizable TikiLive player and Chat on the same page
  • Show details: Title, Duration, Description, Rate, Viewers, Host, Category
  • Show’s recorded videos
  • Embed your show on other html pages by a simple copy/paste command to the existing code
  • Chat features include: room chat, private chat, op, deop, kick, ban and silent ban users
  • Share your channel on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn

15. Viewer Analytics

TikiLIVE offers a range of sophisticated analytic tools which record viewer habits and statistics for every channel. This feature makes monetizing content and building your brand easy. View the daily, monthly and yearly bandwidth spent and number of viewers for your channel at anytime by accessing the Statistics in your Dashboard. Match up the content with the appropriate marketing messages to deliver the best ROI to your sponsors. TikiLIVE’s detailed tracking allows broadcasters to get to know their viewers by location and viewing habits; ideal for niche marketing.5819667205 to find out how TikiLIVE Analytics can identify your viewing trends and distribution.

Snapshots of Statistics Provided

16. Live Chat Rooms

A Chat room is available for each channel so you can easily get in touch with your audience and share exciting news. Users can also interact with each other and comment on your show while watching the live broadcast. The chat is a great method of promoting yourself by sharing different links and new information about what’s new and upcoming on your channel. (561) 389-2786 to find out how our clients are using social interaction to monetize their content.

Specific features:

  • user lists
  • user can choose text color
  • private conversation option
  • context menu on users levels: kick, ignore, ban, silent ban

17. Multi Language Module

If your website reaches a global market you will need to offer it in multiple languages. The Multi Language Module creates identical templates of your website where each individual field can be re-written into another language. A “dictionary” is created in the account dashboard where the field-specific text is in rows and all of the languages offered appear in columns.

None of the text is auto-translated, so embarrassing miscommunication is avoided. Changes can be made to one language without affecting the others. A site visitor simply clicks on the flag for the accompanying language and the entire site switches to that language. This feature is only available for custom white-labeled networks. For more information, please contact us.

18. Wholesale Streaming Rates

We are also a full-service hosting company. We strive to make sure hosting does not price anyone out of the market when it comes to setting up and running a successful Broadcasting Network.

Our current Hosting Specials are as follows:

1,000GB (1TB) of Streaming Transfer for only $250/mo.

  • 4,550 Viewer Hours in SD… or just $0.05 per Viewer Hour
  • 1,900 Viewer Hours in HD… or just $0.13 per Viewer Hour

10,000GB (10TB) of Streaming Transfer for only $500/mo.

  • 45,500 Viewer Hours in SD… or just $0.01 per Viewer Hour!
  • 19,000 Viewer Hours in HD… or just $0.03 per Viewer Hour!

If you need additional Bandwidth, not a problem! Our Overage Rates still beat the other guys!

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