Are you considering the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle?

Let Auto Investigation take the guess work out of buying your next vehicle.

Auto Investigation is a pre-owned vehicle inspection service. Before making an investment in a used vehicle, you should ensure that the seller's claims about the vehicle's condition are accurate. With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Auto Investigation provides comprehensive inspections to make sure you are making a wise investment.

Auto Investigation - Tony Marino - Radio/TV Talk Show Host

Tony Marino
Radio & TV Talk Show Host 2001-2003

(817) 541-5682
Luxury vehicles should be luxurious. Let Auto Investigation make sure your next purchase is up to the standards...
The Performance
Looking for the thrill of the perfect sports car? Let Auto Investigation investigate if your next sports car performs as well as it looks...
The Classic
New and high-end vehicles are only part of Auto Investigation's expertise. Let Auto Investigation make sure all of that classic spirit remains...
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