Rand must've been home at that time.

Dan wanted you to know that he didn't hate you.

You'd better find him.

Rusty pushed Art too hard.

I love arguing with him.

Agatha went to her spinning class.


I took it for granted that he would win the race.

I feel morally indebted to her.

Have you ever climbed Mt. Fuji?

We'll be right over.

And I thought you were open to new ideas and open-minded discussion.

I want to pretend it never happened.

We need to start promoting peace and compassion more.

To win his audience, the speaker resorted to using rhetorical techniques he learned from his communication courses.

An absurdity is a statement or belief manifestly inconsistent with one's own opinion.


Panzer is going to help Varda.

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Bacterias have the DNA as genetic material.


Matthias and Christina are in the next room with John.

She gathered her children about her.

Arnold is very handsome, isn't he?

Japanese and American forces were still fighting bitterly.

I'm very lucky.


Everyone here is afraid of Sergeant.

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Open-heart surgery is giving way to laparoscopic intervention.

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I prefer to work on my own.

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Could I see those photos again?

Kinch has lots of friends.

I am going to learn a lot from you.

He told me he is leaving tomorrow.

Barton and Bryce both looked shocked.


I can change language and speak in English or German.


Suyog is a good partner.

By the time my father retires, he will have worked for almost thirty years.

I'm very scared.

He is a slim child.

Your sweater's on backwards.

I would like to see you before I leave.

Children learn language without being taught.

This corn is fresh.

The killers stole up on him.


I'm painting Easter eggs.


Hume nervously looked out of the window.

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You got your revenge.

I don't know why Cindy doesn't want to go sailing with us next week.

She is like a beautiful dream.

I'm too tired to talk.

Here are the proposed agenda items for the meeting on June 16, 1998.

The legal system in America is the world's finest.

Bob is a nice person.

Absinthe is the beverage of gods.

You can keep the change.

Were you the one who wrote this?

I'm not connecting your computers.

He is the richest man in town.

I like to help my friends.

What is the program of the Kabuki for next month?

When John goes on a date, he's known to be a big spender.


John came to terms with his problem, which means he has accepted it.

I've lost my filling.

Living as he did in the remote countryside, he seldom came into town.

She devoted her life to working among the poor.

How can you have a laptop, but no mobile?

He looks as if he is going to be ill.

Debi promised not to tell anyone how much we paid to have our house painted.

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Everything is now back to normal.

These are mine.

Arnold looked guilty.

My heart, the bird of the wilderness, has found its sky in your eyes.

The land was converted into a park.

Drop the knife, Carolyn.

It was Johan who first suggested that this might be the problem.

I could be wrong about this.

Hugh has been eating cake.

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What does the place look like?

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He came back from the States.


She is loved by him.

He kicked it.

Do both sentences really say the same thing?

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Vladimir is from here.

You very nearly guessed it.

The princess dressed as a boy to escape from the palace.

Did Florian tell you what to do with all his stuff?

Yes, I speak Spanish.

I can't keep my eyes open.

Kent was a gentleman.

I'll get you a towel.

You should call Marcel.

Who's gone rogue?

We were trying to protect them.


Be careful what you do.

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I don't think that's what's causing the problem.


If you don't get your act together you won't graduate from high school.

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They stayed with me in the room all night.

I think that sweater is too tight on you.

That man standing over there is my father.

She shuddered at the sight of the one-eyed cat.

I'm going to do that again.

Pork has a lot of fat.

You were up all night, weren't you?

I don't know where you are going.

I'm not accustomed to getting up so early.

That was the reason.

I saw a house whose roof was red.


Just remember that.

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So I was right.

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I don't want you there.

Can you recommend to me a place to stay in London?

I crossposted the message to another website.

Con artists take advantage of the credulity of inexperienced investors and swindle them out of their money.

Don't talk with your mouth full!

Who likes insects?

Mohammad seems busier than usual.

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No one really knows what a UFO is like.

Speak, if you can; what are you?

You're a good person.

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Can usernames be changed?

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I touched Paula.

Let's sit down in the shade of that tree.

Detroit is famous for its car industry.

Don't get involved.

I've got to talk to Becky and Arlene.

Irving could have gone camping with you if you'd let him know you were going.

NASA says three of 22 space missions that carried generators similar to Galileo's ended in accidents.

Anything is blissful with you. Nothing is meaningful without you.

Just about.


We don't even know him.


She devoted all her spare time to fishing.

That's June's.

I felt inadequate to the task.

I have to take Christofer home now.

Our team won their match yesterday.


Mohammad was a whole lot nicer than I had expected.


Yesterday, I got a telegram from Surya.

A global crisis is at hand.

Don't pick your nose.

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Lend me the binoculars so I can see it better.

It's a pity that he can't marry her.

I wish we could just ask her.

I never thought about that.

I like being treated like that.


What is its cost?

She was just about to go out.

He is as honest a lad as any.

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He didn't make much progress in English.

Move into the bus, please!

I forgot to water the flowers.

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How much does that job pay?

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Has anybody spoken with her?

Let's hope for good results.

Stuart had a dog on a short leash.


His autobiography was released today and was sold out by noon.

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This is exhilarating.


That college student is studying engineering.

The door opened of itself.

Carlo lost her reading glasses.

I should've been with you.

She wore a beautiful white dress.


In particular, the endomorphism ring of M is a commutative local ring.