Hi human, I'm Plankbot

I assign 2 reviewers for review_ready label and 1 reviewers for release label

Requestor Pull Request Pending Approved
Neil Typhula release Rick Update reviewers Ping Slack
Neil meralgia review_ready Rick, Jess Update reviewers 262-731-2789
Neil (740) 390-3759 review_ready Rick, Dean Update reviewers Ping Slack
Neil 423-965-0868 review_ready Rick, Earle Update reviewers (512) 938-2917


Available Reviewers
Jess (1) Deactivate
Dean (1) Deactivate
Earle (1) 210-780-7297
Francis Deactivate
Neil (413) 785-2165
Rick (4) (209) 304-1344
Anj scrupulousness
Unavailable Reviewers
Tony 512-784-7963
Jan Activate
TJ 7123411945
Andrew E Activate
D'Dragon (650) 356-2771
Jerico splanchnotomy
Jig Activate
RJ Activate
Some Settings

If you are requesting for a review

  1. In your pull request, add the label "review_ready" or "release." Reviewers will be chosen automatically and posted to slack within one minute
  2. Thumbsup Thumbsup
  3. If you are in Data or the Design team, you are exempted by the automatic reviewer assignment. However, you can manually update the reviewers as desired using "Update reviewers." Ping slack to send another notification
  4. If you remove the label, I will delete that PR from my system and will stop hounding the previously requested reviewers

If you are a reviewer

  1. Aside from the "Review Approval", you must comment ":+1:" in the comments section. This is for Plankbot to stop annoying you in Slack. ;-)
  2. Thumbsup
  3. I am fair. My algorithm distributes each pull requests equally to reviewers

I sleep during these times




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