Luis started playing rugby three years ago.


What you've heard about me isn't true.

I had a lot of hope.

Where did you live last year?


I stayed up till very late last night.

Unless it rains, the game will be held on Sunday.

I wonder what it sounds like.

I know how to handle it.

However, as soon as I saw the situation at the train station I began to regret this decision.

They spent the whole day at the beach.

Flexible work hours make employees more productive.

It's so expensive!

Let's begin on page 30.

He refused to accept such an absurd proposal.

Dieter would describe the house as small.

"Do you want another cup of coffee?" "Sure, make mine on the small side but be generous with my brother's."

Richard tied Micah's shoes together.

She looked out through the hole.

I'll take some X-rays of your teeth.


I don't know anything about Japan.

Marci saw two men lying on the floor, bleeding from gunshot wounds.

They amplified their argument by new facts.

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You are exactly like your father.

The students noted down every word the teacher said.

Himawan's signature is illegible.

How was the wedding?

Still gleams an element of hope.

I really don't feel like seeing Pim.

There is a page missing from this report.

I drove downtown to meet them.

I was almost killed.


My name's Jack.

Let me help you with those.

Talent is God-given; be humble. Fame is man-given; be thankful. Conceit is self-given; be careful.


He finished reading the letter.

I was ill yesterday but I am feeling fine today!

Patty is the coolest person in the world.

Wolf's a grouch.

He is a born poet.

When all is said and done, the most precious element in life is wonder.

Coloring eggs is fun.


We met under a lonely tree.

She sent me a long letter.

We've always been poor.

The table sits six people.

She uses Botox.

From the doctor's grim expression, it was clear he had somber news for the patient.

I need everyone to continue performing admirably.

Are you from Urumqi?

Being there I feel myself in shelter, protected by the love of all my dear ones.

I am a conservative.

They put Robbin in a straitjacket.

What are we looking at now?

Are you sure you want to quit?


What did that accomplish?


Betty wants to know what you would like to drink.

I want a pony.

He had a duplicate key made from that one.

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That watch is very nice.

We should come here more often.

This failure occurred because of you.

My parents still haven't met my girlfriend.

This is a waste of my time.

Deborah's French has improved.

We celebrated the New Year with a party.

Why do so many people suffer from low self-esteem?

Break the chocolate into smaller pieces.

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Harry has breakfast at the local coffee shop every day.

I'm so so sorry that I'd like to crawl into a hole and die.

We came to the conclusion that the ideology was behind the times.

The tea is too strong. Add some water.

Is that what you're suggesting?

Were you at home yesterday?

Jess decided not to buy it after he looked at the price tag.

We weren't worried about it.

I just want to have a look around.

The tour's going great.

They left before the end of the movie.

After all, nothing remains forever.

They're eating the apples.

Subra isn't my boyfriend. He's just a friend.

A genius is a person with extraordinary creative abilities.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Did you buy this for me?

Is that peanut butter?

There's an old cherry tree in the garden.

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Lars took a big bite out of Donne's sandwich.

That place is open to everybody.

Do it anyway.


Is English more difficult than Japanese?

Blayne noticed Toerless wasn't paying attention.

Don't you think that's a good combination?


My parents tried to talk him out of marrying her, but he wouldn't listen.

A great number of these buildings are World Heritage Sites.

They weren't listening to music.


Are you wearing my shoes?

I came across your brother on the street.

She is overly competitive.

Owen wore a Christmas sweater embroidered with reindeer.

You don't really think Jwahar would kill himself, do you?

Nobody likes him.

My father has been engaged in foreign trade for many years.

You can count on it.

I want to speak in German with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jesper didn't want to fight anymore.

Why are you so bitter against her?


The hotel charged me 8000 yen for the room.

We should be paying attention.

Saify followed John across a cornfield.

He didn't kiss me.

Good things are easily spoiled.

When did you want to go?

She'd never been so frightened.

I can't find my briefcase.

Beverly found a dead body on the beach.


They were drunk.

I dreamt a strange dream.

Erick met a friend of Dominic's at the airport.


How do you always do it?

Tait is talking on the telephone.

If I had enough money, I could buy this camera.

Please stay in the car.

You see everything in black colours.

What Warren really wanted was a good friend he could talk to.

Sharon is on his cell phone.

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I've misjudged them.

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How was your afternoon?

My parents are visiting.

Thomas says he'll hurt me.

You're always complaining about something.

Amy was very much involved in his work.

Can you give me a geological explanation of lava?

We can do it.

I still need an answer.

There's almost no water in the bucket.

Have you guys seen Deborah today?

I completely forgot about the meeting.

Rajeev's kids were in fits of laughter when he was telling them about some of the things he used to get up to as a kid.

Patrick and Julie lost their jobs.

We'd be crazy if we did that.

Pierce needed something to eat.

You don't happen to know a guy named Francis Jackson, do you?

Food prices are at their highest level since the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization began keeping records in 1990.

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Let's be honest.


She was at the club at 8 o'clock.


I didn't think you were home.

Don't fool yourself. He doesn't love you.

Things are not what they seem.

If you just crouch a little, her crotch can just be seen flicking in and out of sight.

Jason gave Adrian a passionate kiss.

Carsten says he won't have to work overtime today.

I could hear Scot and Dwayne laughing.

He has gained weight.

Liza attended Monday's meeting.

Make a note of it in order not to forget it.

Just yesterday I told that dope about everything, and today he's playing his old tricks again! What's wrong with him?

I had never talked with Cathy until yesterday.

I thought Nelken wasn't hungry.


Have I told you about how I first met Caleb?


I've never understood you.

I'm here because of you.

I know Herbert is worried.

You always were an optimist.

I saw a hippo at the zoo.


Sridharan never spoke to Hsuan again after that day.

He was the talk of the town.

It's just that easy.

The moon is low in the sky tonight.

I'm not making that up.


It's still possible.

We shouldn't be fighting with each other.

I need a cup of sugar.