Global Traceability Solutions

The global platform for timber and timber based products

How RADIX Tree can help you:

  • Provide compliance with the European Timber Regulation (EUTR). An efficient way to demonstrate compliance with the EUTR

  • Chain of custody service. A detailed tracking service ensuring that all traded products are recorded allowing you to see the entire supply chain for each product at a glance

  • Risk assessment. A risk assessment service that ensures complete EUTR compliance and demonstrates full commitment to eradicating illegal timber from the supply chain

  • Sustainable sourcing. An effective way of demonstrating your company's commitment to the sustainable sourcing of timber

  • Reduced administrative overhead. The easiest and most cost efficient way of enabling complete EUTR compliance

  • Simple user interface. A user interface designed with industry professionals to provide both simplicity and targeted functionality

10 things RADIX Tree can do for you:

  • Perform risk assesment for complete EUTR compliance

  • Maintain full chain of custody documentation

  • Manage your inventory of products and shipments

  • Provide secure encryption and private data storage

  • Import all of your data from multiple formats

  • Create a centralised repository for all your product shipping and supply chain data

  • Make it easy to onboard all of your supply chain partners

  • Track your shipments

  • Provide a common platform to do business with your supply chain partners on

  • Eliminate administration costs for shipments received


We have pricing options that scale with your business needs:

Package # Business Relationships Disk space Subscription fee (Monthly)
Start up 1 1 GB 15 €
SME 5 3 GB 35 €
Business 10 5 GB 62 €
Professional 20 10 GB 105 €
Enterprise Unlimited Unlimited Available on request
(216) 956-6292