Laurie is the one who started the fight.

Brazil was visited by the Pope.

Vincent took out the garbage.

Everybody calls him Jeff.

Are you related to them?

There are many galaxies in the universe.

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Let me know the instant Tiefenthal arrives.


I'd like to stay here for a few more days.


Is Arnold partially to blame?

Can you recommend a good hotel?

It must be a coincidence.

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Nigel called to ask if there was anything he could do to help.

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Shadow's school canteen has green, orange and red stickers on the food and drink on sale. Green means healthy, orange means consume in moderation, red means avoid or consume rarely.

There is no school today.

It's dangerous to swim here.

Kate invited me to his home.

Maybe you can get Ned to run the marathon with you.

I figured you wouldn't want to go there without me.

I heard more vitriol in the debate than reasoned argument.

What do you see in the picture?

She watched a news channel.

This one is as good as that one.

I won't help you with this.

She lives quite close by.

Armenia is called "Hayastan" in Armenian.

There are several ways to fund postgraduate study.

We did the wrong thing.

There's something else I need to tell you.

Dan pretended to have come to see Linda off.

He rang the doorbell.

You've always had an advantage.

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I couldn't keep myself from yawning.

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I don't see why I had to say anything.

How long did you work in Boston?

I was just wondering if Terrence could possibly still be at school.

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Increase the heat to brown the corn cake on both sides.

She availed herself of every opportunity to improve her English.

Weasels have a reputation for being elusive and cunning.

Someone who knows English well must have written this.

It's hard to understand the Osaka dialect.

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Willie added broccoli to the stew.

Darryl wasn't sure if he liked the painting or not.

Everyone here is afraid of you.

I just want to cry.

Denis has only been gone three days.

I met Mickey when I was a sophomore at Harvard.

As is often the case with him, he was late for class.

To my dismay, my wallet was gone.

Man... you are one twisted fuck.


My grandmother knit that by hand.

I didn't tell her anything.

Krzysztof said this belonged to him.

I'm not so sure I want to do this anymore.

Money on hand goes away.

How can you tell good English from bad English?

We had a lot to celebrate.

How long do you think Jerome was watching us?

Don't be rough in speech.

I didn't really know what I was doing.

I've always dreamed of seeing the future.


He decided to major in medicine in college.

I should be grateful if you would stay until tomorrow.

Duncan is old enough to travel by himself.

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Let's unearth the garlics.

Who cares what it's called?

Maybe there's a secret door.


Carlo says he needs help.

I spent all my energy on that project.

Don't be afraid because I'll be with you.


I didn't say they deserve it.

Nobody really wants us here.

In many cultures, men and women dress differently.

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May I have your name and address?


Do they sell Guinness here?

Roger was afraid to cross the road.

They've been working on a new vaccine.


What a bad boy he is!

Neil is the one who was here yesterday.

She pulled my hair.

The patient's life was in danger.

I just don't want to hurt him.

What a wonderful sight!

I've never been good at singing.

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The two roads cross there.


Would you both be quiet, please?

"The Green Starman" is an original film in Esperanto about an alien who visits a married couple on Earth and takes them back to his planet.

He is now on his own.

I thought maybe you would have a better time without me.

A great thought came to my head.

How was it at your birthday?

I think we may have a problem.

Lum has just lost his job.

It cost him ten dollars to get the ticket for the musical.

How well does Suresh play basketball?

Kieran went to the sink and poured the rest of his drink down the drain.


I'm right where you left me.

Write everything down.

We watch television.

Suresh knows some words in French.

Why does she no longer reply to me?

I'm cross-eyed.

Annard agreed to hand over his gun to the police.


I also like listening to music on the radio.

Is it more expensive to call in the morning?

My father did not let me marry him.


I've been in contact with her.

Lenny is still crying.

How hard he works!

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I found it difficult to convince her.

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I drink alcohol.


I love Ric, but he doesn't love me.

Show him what you can do.

Let's call the whole thing off.


I don't know when Vic will be back.


Many innocent people were saved from the hostage takers.

Let's go upstairs and talk.

I think you know who I am.

Indian summers run into October.

We must talk it over.

What should I tell him?

She came alone.

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I love you both very much.

Dennis was walking towards the station when I saw him.

Who was that you were just talking to?

However men, seeking the contents of that safe, kidnap Hana. And those men were really detectives.

It was a warm, friendly meeting.

I'm still confused.

I can't go through with this.


No, I didn't know anything about it. They left me completely in the dark.

That sounds reassuring.

I don't think she would understand it.

Shut up and take my money!

An idea came to me.


They drink coffee after lunch.

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These claims lack a scientific foundation.

I'm hung over.

I find you very attractive.

Look up the town on the map.

I should've phoned Al this morning.

I sneeze almost every day.

You're not fooling anyone, Brandy, we know it's you.

There's a rumor Johnson is going to be traded.

Amigo has a tattoo of a skull on his chest.

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That made me feel good.


You don't look so well.


I took control of the situation.


It's probably just a phase.

What's the purpose of this essay?

Please empty your pockets.

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He sings very well.


I'm not at fault.

Ernst wanted to help Michelle do the right thing.

Peter talks with his parents in the United States on the phone at least once a week.

Some books are on the table.

I'd like to change the date to tomorrow night.

I'd like to have dinner with you.

We're giving a dinner for her.


In Soviet Russia, television watches the audience!


That's the same thing I would've done.

Why didn't you go with Sue?

He prayed that God would bless me.