What is Voice Recording and Call Recording ?
Call Recording is all about recording telephone calls. Voice Recording is a more generic term that includes Telephony Recording (Call Recording) but also recording of mobile radio, air-traffic control conversations and acoustic audio recording using microphones. To non-intrusively tap and record analog telephony lines, TDM trunks like Basic Rate ISDN, Primary Rate ISDN, E1, T1 and SIP VoIP, we offer a full range of hardware interfaces. To find out more please visit our main site:
Cutting edge technologies in call recording
We offer the broadest range of voice recording hardware interfaces in the industry. These interfaces not only interface to a wide range of Analog, TDM and VoIP infrastructures, but also interface in many different ways to recording servers using USB, PCI (Express) or Ethernet. Learn more about our products:
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Call Recording Devices
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