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Dear Users, With effect from 23 October 2017, Dept 3 Isoflurance equipments in SPF will be locked. Users are recommended to bring along a soft/hard copy of their booking comfirmation e-mail to collect the key of the respective Isoflurance equipment from Dept 3 Security Counter. Thank you.

Welcome to BRC


A World-class Research Complex

Conceived as the cornerstone of a much broader vision to build up the biomedical sciences industry in Singapore, the Biopolis is a purpose-build biomedical research hub where researchers from the public and private sectors are co-located.

Developed by JTC Corporation at a cost of S$500 million. Biopolis comprises a building complex linked by skybridges and offers a built-up area of 185,000 sqm. Chromos and Helios are dedicated to biomedical players from the private sector.

The Biological Resource Centre (BRC) is one of the core service facilities of the Biopolis and serves the various Research Institutes (RI) and Tenant Companies located here.