Few Words About Us

SD M​otor ​S​peeds (SDMS)​ is a Mechanical Engineering based startup that focuses on​ solving the​ real​-time​ problems​ that usually observed or encountered by every​ Mechanical student and solving them through practical knowledge​ and appliances that we provide​.

W​e​, TEAM SDMS ​- ​are alumnus of SRKR ENGINEERING C​ollege​, Bhimavaram​. We ​have been observing the ​differences ​in​ automation​​ in ​ ​village​s vs​ cities​, For us ​, t​he whirring​ rotat​ed​​​ of the wheel​'s cap​ on cement road​s​ and the vigorous​ly​ rotat​ed​​​ of a potter's wheel on ​the ​sand surface looked similar. ​We could see the divide created by the society being bridged by physics. This made us realize the power and beauty of technology .​We started to realiz​ing​ that cars weren't exactly perfect. They caused pollution and​ thus​ harming the environment. This disturbed us deeply and ​motivated us to ​come-up with a solution to rectify this flaw in automobiles through electrifying the motors ​and thus reduce or eradicate ​the ​caus​ing​ pollutants on combustion. The collective efforts of ​our ​passionate engineers, with their vigorous pursuit of solving the rea​l-time​ problems is ​the strong reason for this company formation​.​

Key areas​ that​ we are currently focusing are​ ...​

  • University level club formation.
  • Motorsport challenges.
  • Technical support through unique workshops.
  • Motorsports vehicle parts supply.

    To make every technical student step out from college with enough practical knowledge along with theory.An engineer with high academics with low technical knowledge is won't be​ ​that ​successful and sustain in Mechanical industries as this is the Industry which require more practical knowledge over the Theoretical.

    Vision: To make the present day lives back to olden days with the present day comforts (green revolution)


    Come out from the running trend … We work with you to innovate with you

    University level club formation

    We will form a club under our guidance with all the passionate students from the college and train them for their requirement.

    Motorsport challenges

    We will make the students trained up with all the required skills related to motor sports.
    • Driving skills for racing.
    • Design and analysis.
    • Team formations.

    Technical support through unique workshops

    The student teams can send a request regarding skill development related to events running nationally.


    Innovations need imaginative minds .....join us let's innovate.


    Want to be part of TEAM SDMS !? Please email your details with us at, we will review and reach out for the further proceedings. For a club in your University/College, we are on the way to crack the running trends. Walk along with Dreams, DON'T run on a laid path.


    If you have any queries , interested to work with us or wanted to host a club with sdms please mail us at


    JP road Bhimavaram – 534204,
    West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh.

    Phone Number


    +91 9293412123

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