Give Rahul everything you've got.


It's not wrong, but it's rarely written like that.

How much are they asking for?

I don't wear a watch but I used to wear one when I was younger.

No sooner had the monkey caught sight of him than it jumped up to his shoulders.

I really like trains.

I don't know what to think.

Saturday is the pottery class I've been attending since last year.

Natalia and Veronica looked at each other with complicity.

I promise you that I'll be there anytime you need me.

Stevan can help you do that, I think.

Hm, the picture is hanging crooked.

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Is that what everybody wants?

You saw what happened, didn't you?

I'll go on my own.

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It goes like this.

If I should be late, start dinner without me.

If you have any interesting books, lend me some.

The maths exam results are out!

I don't know why we're laughing.

My school has Uighur, Han, Kazakh, Hui, Mongol, Kirghiz, Xibo, Tajik, and Uzbek ethnicities, among others.

Go to the doctor to get your prescription!

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Beverly is very straightforward.

I use this computer.

Sometimes my grandfather talks to himself when left alone.

We were traveling during the summer.

Brett was glad that he'd bought a bottle of wine with a screw cap, since he couldn't find his corkscrew.

I just need a break.

What a lovely doll!

I thought you could use a friend.

He's a member of the golf club.

I have just written a letter to him.

He felt ill at ease among prominent scholars.

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I got a facial, a manicure and a pedicure.


I inspired my students to work harder.

I know someone who can walk on water.

Cliff is already there.

I hate this part of the movie.

"Here's your dinner." "Dinner for breakfast? Oh boy, this is delicious!"

He's lied to me in the past and I don't trust him.

I want to have a talk with him.

We think you're right.

She made her mother happy.

My job is easy and I have a lot of free time.

"Thanks!" "You'll work it off."

I'm going to quit smoking.

Today both of you are staying home.

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I love tapioca pudding.


That is knowledge which liberates.

It's warm under the blanket.

I promise it won't take long.

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This is pretty.

You are fantastic.

I thought you were going to kill me.

This sketch is representative of Sandra's style.

"What's he been eating?" "The last thing, I think, was a kettle." "A kettle of what?" "No. A kettle. A black thing with a handle and spout."


Stu booked a reservation at the restaurant through OpenTable.

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When did you visit New York?

You have a bad attitude.

I hate paperwork.

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The car veered out of control and ploughed into a group of people at a bus stop.

I have to deal with this myself.

It couldn't have come at a worse time.

I need to exchange dollars for pesos.

I'm pretty sure that building was built in 1987.

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I am enamored by you.

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Galway what a place!


He offered his seat to an old woman.

Take good care of them.

I'll have to talk to my daughter about things heart-to-heart.


When was the last time you plucked a chicken?

We're all Toms and Marys.

Kim has decided to come.

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I flew above the clouds.

Do you often take photos?

Gold is far heavier than water.

Let's open the window.

When he has eaten, he goes to sleep.

I can see right through you, Matti.

Teriann studied medicine in Boston.

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Mara is as thick as a plank.

Art shouldn't have driven Kristian's car.

You can't enter the building without a permit.


Mott did not lift his head.

Making a dive in the Philippines was incredible, but I'm excited about returning to Sydney now.

Clare is afraid of heights.

You don't understand at all.

A closed mouth catches no flies.


Don't leave everything to chance.


This makes it official.


Ima will be asleep.

Johnathan has come up with a possible solution.

She is armed to the teeth.


My boat is small.

I'm feeling the baby move.

However luggage didn't make it back to Toronto.

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I was fat.

I wish they would turn off the radio.

You look hot.

You're efficient, aren't you?

My father painted the wall white.


Have you already read this book?

You're the only one who bought it.

There are other aspects.

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Ragnar lived in a spectacularly beautiful place.

No, I am not an escort.

I didn't go to school last month.

I know why you aren't going with us.

Oh, say your name!

The cheapest of nepenthes are often the most corrosive.

Can I watch your next game?

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

You don't have to be perfect all the time.

Loud music is bad for your health.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

The tower fell into ruin.

You should not despise a man just because he is poorly paid.

Soap helps remove the dirt.

I stopped by Eli's school on the way home.


Let me know what happens.

According to the manufacturer's directions, tires should be changed every 10 years.

Nothing is more important than sincerity.

I'll be there till 2:30.

I agreed to buy it for three hundred dollars.


She had my mother take care of the baby.

The old woman fell an easy prey to the fraud.

I like coffee better than tea.

Yesterday Skeeter gave me a book the cover of which was blue.

...and sent forth the dove; and she returned not again unto him any more.

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How come Hector isn't making lunch?

It was raining into the bargain.

Why do I feel this way?

She tends to be late for school.

The tax bill was passed yesterday.

I've never seen you look so scared.

I have the hang of it.


Hitoshi can't help wondering why Shai changed her mind.

The following day, Sophie combed and dressed her doll because her friends were coming over.

My transition from male to female is going well.

Frank didn't intend to hurt anyone.

Do you know anything about her?

I told you before!

I was in my bedroom.

You're going to have to work harder to capture even an ounce of my attention. Capturing my affection is just out of the question!

She will make him a good wife.


I think they should repeal that law.

"Now," he said to the lady, "all we want is a drop of the maiden's blood."

I'm going to take a cab.

This is a work that benefits others.

There was a photograph of Huey hanging on the wall.

You can stay the night here; there is no problem.

Amos didn't frighten me.

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Excuse me one moment.

She gave her grandchildren a bottle of milk and a piece of ham and a loaf of bread, and they set out for the great gloomy wood.

Many have said of Alchemy, that it is for the making of gold and silver. For me such is not the aim, but to consider only what virtue and power may lie in medicines.


On the table there was a cat.


After careful consideration, I have decided not to accept this offer.

Think about what you want.

Siegurd offered to let Carol use her car.


Start singing.

We've got a lot of problems to solve.

I wanted to tell you that.

On Sundays, the museum is not open.

It's never happened before.