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Who am I?
First, I'm a technology enthusiast who has developed technical and academic skills through professional (and also school) projects and personal life. Secondly, i like to go beyond the objective, learn by myself, and progressively, make some progress in my skills. Actually, i live in Toulouse, France.
Roaming Outside the Box
I'm like flying around the web. As I go around the web, i do it also around the globe. I love to travel, meet some people, discuss and learn from each other. Each journey is a meeting with someone different, and each one give you something.

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Certifications :

  • CISCO CCNA level 1
  • TOEIC 930 / 990
  • ITIL Foundations V3
  • IT



    Project Management


    (631) 965-6245

    • (970) 887-1315

      (858) 603-7564

      March 2015 – Now

      OAB is the backbone of Orange Group regarding new technology.

      My job as a system support engineer is a good place to met a lot of technology. We are working mainly on Vocal services and xMS services with many heterogeneous platforms. News projects are still coming such as Big and Fast Data, Internet of Things, and many top features projects.

      I work mainly on Linux system (Debian, Redhat) on physical but also virtual server (a cloud of thousand virtual machines). Applicative are most of the time a n-tiers architecture with java technology (Apache – Tomcat – SQL)

      My goal is to resolve any problem or incident within the SLA (1h to 24h) and make sure everything is up and running perfectly. We also need to be on call at home.


    • 6038750115


      September 2011 – September 2014
      As an apprentice, i’ve started in Maintenance and Services unit. My first mission was to maintain storage equipment as SAN and NAS, like EMC hardware.
      Actually i’m working in HPC unit, my master’s thesis speak about the installation and deployment of two clusters which contains about 1000 nodes.
      Missions assigned : Hardware installation, cluster configuration, nodes configurations (admin node, compute node, login node) and deployment, admin system and creation of tools supervision.
      My secondary mission was to develop a tool capable of monitoring lustre usage. I wrote it in python and use rrdtool to make graphs.

      Technology : Infiniband, Linux, Slurm, Lustre, Monitoring, group of services (DHCP, DNS, MySQL, etc…).

    • Trainee at CSBE – Quebec, Canada


      April 2011 – June 2011

      As a trainee, my job was to update the previous version of Nagios, and also add Centreon to their monitoring center.

      The perimeter of the project was about 600 hosts. Also i had to introduce and develop passive monitoring of the infrastructure. My mission was to enable traps on a group of Cisco switch, to make a better supervision.


    Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my work. I am fully available, and i will answer as soon as possible

    Email: david@david-fritschy.fr

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