Specialist Safety Consulting, Equipment Sales and Safety Training

Marcus Walmsley and management of LRI are pleased to announce that SRTA Pty Ltd has purchased the entire business of Life and Rescue International Tasmania (LRI).

SRTA is Tasmanian owned and an operated family business committed to WHS improvement in the workplace. Marcus and the team will continue to deliver all services currently provided by LRI and have added a number of additional services to complete all your workplace WHS compliance needs.


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  What We Do

SRTA’s employees come from a varied work background all of which include a hands on approach, with all staff having been field operational at some point. This allows us to offer more than just a theoretical answer to any health and safety issue, inherently increasing the value we can offer your company, and what our business model has been founded on. From behavioural safety training to equipment sales and high risk training the SRTA team can help you complete your workplace safety needs.

how we do it

 How We Do It

All our employees have a work history of either consulting for or working with large companies. We are united in our desire to improve the safety management systems of any business that we are working for, whilst also ensuring that this is achieved within appropriate timescales and cost effectively to suit the clients needs.

SRTA believes in providing all your safety and emergency response needs through building partnerships with clients