Welcome to my site!

Hi, my name is Zach Ribera and I am a software developer currently living in the Bay Area. I recently moved back home to the Bay Area and am now looking for new work opportunities both locally and out of state.

I graduated from San Diego State University in the fall of 2016 where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Since graduation, I worked as a Software Engineering Intern with Forcepoint in San Diego on the development and testing of a proxy application. At the end of 2017, I left San Diego and moved back to the bay.

I have a strong background in software development and testing, API integration and development, and information technologies. I am a self-starter who enjoys learning new things quickly and efficiently. I have an extremely varied background and have experience working with many different languages, technologies, and team environments. I believe I would be an excellent addition to any Software Development team.

Aside from work and college experiences, I have continued to pursue personal projects in my spare time since graduation. Some of these include the development of a video game using C# in Unity, designing a portfolio website using Django, and learning more about networking and security concepts through literature and small personal projects. I am extremely passionate about programming and internet technologies, and am eager for a new opportunity to work with another amazing team.

If you would like to collaborate on a project or have an exciting work opportunity, please contact me through one of the links above!

- Zach Ribera