Welcome to the dawn of a new day in daylighting.

Solera® is the All Glass Daylighting Solution.

Not polycarbonate. Not fiber-reinforced plastic.

Engineered to be highly configurable and designed to integrate seamlessly with standard vision glass curtain wall framing systems, Solera® insulated glass daylighting panels are a lifetime solution for superior translucency and permanent daylighting benefits with a range of thermal insulation and enhanced noise reduction - all using real glass, not plastics.

Solera Means Daylighting Done Well

Explore how Solera® solves challenges to effective daylighting.

Dance studio with beautiful Solera panels diffusing natural light throughout.
Permanence Means a Lifetime of Daylighting Benefits

Made from glass, Solera® is a permanent daylighting product that offers myriad visual performance characteristics that last a lifetime – unlike polycarbonate or fiber-reinforced plastics.

Light diffusion through an atrium with hanging lights

Precise Control and Universal Integration

Seamlessly integrating with any standard curtain wall or glass framing system, Solera allows specifiers to precisely configure and control light diffusion, visible light transmittance, and solar heat gain properties while achieving superior acoustic performance and thermal insulation up to R25.

Solera T-R25Solera T-R18Solera T-R9Solera T-R5+AerogelSolera L-R2.2
  • R25
  • R18
  • R9
  • R5
  • R2.2
Superior Thermal Performance up to R25

More light does not have to mean less insulation. By incorporating Lumira® aerogel, Solera® panels provide insulation values up to R25.

Outdoor scene featuring a wood-sided building and Solera panels, warm and dry in a snowy locale.
The Ultimate in Beautiful, Usable, Natural Light

Solera® dials in the perfect glazing configurations for superior translucency. The result is the ideal combination of brightness and contrast, allowing for attractive, glare-free, productive spaces.

Young lady sitting comfortably inside a building, behind Solera panels.