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Experience Clin-Ess® tissue transport and preservation medium

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About Clin-Ess

Clin-Ess® is a novel tissue preservative and transport media.

Clin-Ess® maintains tissue morphology allowing for many downstream tissue staining options..

Clin-Ess® also preserves enzymatic activity and protects cells for ex vivo cell culture. Maintain sample viability by using chemically defined, non-toxic, animal component free, Clin-Ess.

Clin-Ess®will hold your cells in stasis for several days in 4° C so you can perform crucial downstream applications at your convenience.


Clin-Ess provides superior tissue and cell viability. Maintain morphology and enzymatic activity for several days at 4°C.



With Clin-Ess, your tissue samples will perform as though they have been freshly acquired from biopsy. Conduct assays and cellular extractions with no limitations caused by fixation or tissue degradation.

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As a chemically defined, non-toxic, and animal component-free medium, Clin-Ess bypasses international regulatory barriers and lets you transport your samples with ease.

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Clin-Ess in Action

Clin-Ess preserved enzymatic activity and immunoreactivity 72 + hours

Ambient Temperature

Clin-Ess treated pig muscle biopsy specimens in ambient temperature compared with standard freeze specimen (magnification 20x)

Ambient Temperature

On the basis of our observations, Clin-Ess preserved enzymatic activity and immunoreactivity in all muscle biopsies up to 144 h. Compared with standard frozen biopsy specimens, biopsies processed with Clin-Ess contained significantly fewer artifacts with minimal deterioration over the course of 144 h.