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Install a Wind Turbine at Your Home


Wind turbines are a great way, in the right conditions, to harness “free” energy from the wind. Their operation is simple, the wind turns the blades which are connected to a shaft which turns a generator which in turns produces electricity. They can be connected to the mains power supply for properties on the National Grid or can power batteries …

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When you are starting a new business, or you have a business and you need to expand it in some way, money is often the factor that can be the most difficult to organise. It’s good to know there are a number of avenues of assistance available to you to consider. You might want to consider applying for some kind …

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Do you qualify for an education grant?


Taking out a student loan tends to be the immediate thought when considering funding for further education but there are many student grants available that often go overlooked. Grants come in different forms and are awarded for a variety of reasons, and the good thing about them is that, unlike a student loan, they don’t have to be paid back. …

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The National Landlords Association (NLA) has warned the Government to tread cautiously in introducing minimum energy efficiency requirements in the private rented sector (PRS). The NLA has also called for an extension to the deadline for rented properties to reach minimum energy efficiency standards after the difficulties in introducing Green Deal finance into the sector. The warning was outlined in …


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The new Childcare Business Grants Scheme has been introduced to boost the provision of childcare in England and to incentivise entrepreneurship. It will encourage and support the starting up of new childcare businesses by providing a flat rate start-up grant of: • £250 for new childminding businesses setting up in England (those who are looking after one or more children …


Double glazing grants


Double glazing can be the most expensive improvement you make to your property but its benefits can also be huge, with the increased insulation, lack of drafts and noise reduction greatly improving the energy performance of your home, as well as making it a much nicer place to live in. Double glazing grants We’re often asked if grants are available …


Green Deal update – First month sees positive response to new scheme

The government’s new Green Deal Scheme has had a positive first month, with over 1,800 people signing up to have their homes assessed. Green Deal has been created to encourage homes and businesses to increase the energy efficiency of their properties, with a range of improvements available at no up-front cost. Payments are made through energy bills and the scheme …

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Fresh round of RGF support for manufacturers

Occupiers in the aerospace and automotive sectors based in Merseyside can get their hands on loans and grants from a newly launched £19m supply chain support programme. Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, alongside three Midland-based LEPs, this week launched a further round of the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative Fund. This scheme will see £19m available to companies that …

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Guide to business start-up loans

Starting a new business often requires some initial funding, whether it’s to help with buying stock, renting premises or just day to day running costs. There are a number of options available if you are looking for financial help with a new business, the most popular being: Personal investment, from savings, family or friends Private investment, from individuals or an …

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Gas bills too high? – Then get a new boiler for free !

Your hot water boiler consumes the largest single proportion of your home’s energy consumption – as much as 60% over a year – but by installing a modern, efficient boiler, you can make enormous savings on your gas bills. Installing a new A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler could save you up to £300 a year, as well as reducing your home’s …

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What is ECO funding?

ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation. It is a piece of government legislation that runs alongside the new Green Deal scheme and is designed to help low-income and vulnerable households install energy saving improvements to their homes. ECO Funding can cover costly improvements that would not otherwise come under the Green Deal golden rule, which states that the amount being …

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“Energy saving has never been so attractive” – that’s the message from Edward Davey today as he announced the Green Deal Cashback Scheme is open, with hundreds of pounds of cash available to householders in England and Wales who make energy saving home improvements. Householders who use the Green Deal to make improvements such as loft insulation, solid wall insulation …


Government Green Deal cashback scheme announced

Government Green Deal ‘cashback’ scheme announced. It’s ‘first come, first served’, so apply now. Property assessments are currently being booked for December onwards. Register your interest now to help ensure measures are carried out as early as possible. Households taking up the offer should be saving money on their energy bills within two years, as new government policies come into force, …

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Government proposals to ensure better deal for energy consumers

Millions of households to be moved to better energy deals, with suppliers limited to four tariffs per fuel type, and customers moved off poor-value ‘dead tariffs’ Proposals to ensure that all households are on the best deal for their gas and electricity as soon as possible were published by the Government today. Households across the country are facing a tough …

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Government-backed body Arts Council England has today opened the ‘music industry talent development fund’ to applicants. The successful applicant will be tasked with delivering £500,000 over two years to early to mid-career pop musicians. The Council said it would “pilot a talent development scheme which will provide support to outstanding emerging artists to develop their potential in the commercial music …

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