His actions do not always correspond to his words.

He asked for pie, and I ordered the same.

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John is a stallholder.


Book the flight to go back home!


I'll look after your affairs when you are dead.

I don't have a white shirt.

How gullible does Sarah think we are?


Perhaps you should stay here.


He fell flat on the floor.


For a moment I forgot what her name was.


I can't teach you anything else.


He was snoring loudly while he slept.

He never gets into argument without losing his temper.

Half of his class can write with both hands; they're ambidextrous.

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Everybody rushed towards us.


Why can't we go visit Lar?

Germany lies at the heart of Europe.

I wish you good luck.

I've disobeyed him.

There's snow outside.

I thought you read my resume.

"Where's my phone?" "It's on my table".


I'm working in Boston now.

The U.S. Pacific Islands region includes more than 2,000 islands spanning millions of square miles of ocean. Rising air and ocean temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, changing frequencies and intensities of storms and drought, decreasing streamflows, rising sea levels, and changing ocean chemistry will threaten the sustainability of globally important and diverse ecosystems as well as local communities, livelihoods, and cultures.

OK. I'll take a day off and treat you.

Your son took part in the student movement, I hear.

"Are you a teacher?" "Yes, I am."

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He kept silent during the meeting.

He let his dog run free in the field.

The lake is completely frozen over.

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I'm busy preparing for the trip.

Adlai has seen things that I've only read about.

I don't feel nervous.

You can't lose what you never had.

That'd be nice. What about inviting John and Brooke?

Do you have anything?

"One Hundred Years of Solitude" is considered the most important work of Spanish literature since "Don Quixote."

That would take years.

He took to sailing as though he'd been born on the water.

It is possible for him to do the job.

It's as much an art as it is a science.

You're an interesting girl.

This laboratory is equipped with the latest computers.

If all the year were holiday, having fun would be as tedious as working.

I'd been on my own all week and was starving for conversation.

I'm painting an Easter egg.

We were right.

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Good medicine is bitter to the mouth.

Only if you study hard will you be able to get into university.

That won't be allowed to happen.

I have only three goals in life: learning, learning and learning.

Does Brooke know how to dance?

Jack isn't dead yet.

Your feet will lead you to where your heart is.

Who she saw was not herself but a different woman.

Mother knitted a sweater for me.


When an average person sends a message in a bottle, it's just a childish fantasy. When Christopher Columbus sends a message in a bottle, the fate of an entire country is at stake.


Can the meeting be finished within two hours?

The important thing is that you're here.

Is anything broken?

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Dani has already told Emily about the meeting.

I haven't all that experience.

We just need to do it better.

I just saw them driving away.

Who cared for the dog when you were away?


I know exactly what you're going through.


There are many big cities in Brazil.


I know you want to be happy.


I can't compete with this.

Roderick is creepy.

He has two daughters, both of whom are married to doctors.

They are rich Englishwomen on a trip to Italy.

This theory will bear examination.

I study languages ambitiously.

Heads I win, tails you win.

I will count to three, and then I will fire!

Who can translate this article?

Deal with it!

They send us spare parts.

A potential third party would not be able to crack the code.

Presley had a headache.

As I told you earlier, I can't help you.

If Nichael slapped Knute, I'm sure he deserved it.

Rodent saw fear in Pitawas's eyes.

Speak louder. Your grandfather's hearing is not what it used to be.

I'm pretty sure we're going to need your help.

I want to know your name.

Is sin the opposite of a good deed?

How much is it per box?


Where is the Tokyo patent office?


Okinawa is the southernmost island in Japan.

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Everything is relative, and that alone is absolute.

I don't remember!

Who said that to you?

Polly did fairly well on the test he took yesterday.

Do you have a gun?

Those books which have made a lasting contribution to man's quest for truth, we call great books.

You're not bad.


I have to get her out of here.

New GATT resolutions could create a real shake-up.

I do not feel obligated.


The project has to be finished by the end of the week at the latest.

Andre is in his room packing right now.

Omar's hair is all silver.

These men had come to his country in three ships.

He has a checkered past.

I'm glad Lucifer did that.

She's being serious.

The term "baby shower" is silly and confusing.

Mark has my book.


Tell me all about your plan.


You just killed me.

Salt is an indispensable ingredient for cooking.

Don't let it trouble you.


In his science fiction story, everyone in China speaks Esperanto at least as a second language.

My parents forbade me to see Lynne again.

The girl hops.

Do you think you'd like to work for me?

I was amazed at the speed of the car.

Tell them thanks but no thanks.

I ran as fast as possible to catch up with them.

Andrew's deaf.

He was never to see his native land again.

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Do you like women?

Don't forget to brush your teeth before going to bed.

I only entrusted the secret to you.


We're in the clear.


Chip didn't know what he was going to do.

Beth is doing his best not to cry.

I can't imagine a world without you.

I'm busy with homework.

Let's jump into the water at the same time!

The children sat around the campfire and listened to Elliott tell ghost stories.

He needn't have brought the umbrella.


The leaves turned red as the days passed.

A blind man asks only for one eye, but would rejoice if he got two.

His story wasn't appropriate for the occasion.

I came here to warn you that you're in danger.

I don't need Charley to be here tomorrow.

He passed away, but his memories will be with us forever.

Are there other Berbers contributing to Tatoeba?


Christie doesn't work hard enough.

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You must behave yourself like a man.

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You're my hero.

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I could tell at a glance that something was wrong.

We were all concerned.

They did the right thing.

The older ones do not always know more than the younger ones.

Call them.

The adaptation by a popular writer has breathed new life into this classic.

It's beautiful weather today.


They may be poor, but rich in spirit.

Chet isn't a good choice.

I could've done much better.

Please send this parcel by sea.

Consider yourself lucky.


Bud said that I had to go.

I'll just introduce myself.

She seldom gives way to tears.

Hazel tried not to listen to Stuart and John discussing their financial situation.

My orders are to go with you.