It took me several hours to write it.

Her argument was not built on facts.


Jagath was an exchange student.

What sort of person would do that kind of thing?

Would you like my address?


We didn't wait for Suresh.

A man's worth lies in what he is.

I work as a museum attendant.

Shankar can't even pretend to like Klaudia.

This shaft links with a piston.

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What is it you really want?

It's a dead-end relationship.

The jet plane had 500 passengers on board.

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What use is a glass, if you don't have anything to pour into it?

Why is your French so good?

I think we'll stay for a couple more hours.

She waved at me before she got on board the plane.

Applicants must be under thirty years old.

Dan tasted the soup and said it was delicious.

Ravindranath is lighting a cigarette.


Paul is staying up late this week to prepare for her finals.

I hope you're correct.

The suspect was last seen wearing paint-splattered carpenter pants.


I had some calls to make, too.

Brett made everything.

Marc kept going.


We're very curious.

Jussi doesn't do things like that.

I couldn't find my wallet.

He came even though the weather was bad.

You'll have to come with me.

We don't have a lot in common.

The boy grew up to be a famous musician.

One of these days the singer will be famous.

We feel very confident.

She's not his sister, but his mother.

Don't call me anymore.

I invited Devon and his wife to our party.

The Internet has expanded the range of my sex life; it's a bit like I upgraded to ballistic missiles.

I think one of us ought to ask Mitch what he thinks.

She gave them some apples.

He made a speech.

What do you call your father at home?

Watch out! There's a car coming!

This is one of the best schools in the country.

Is there a table available for two on Friday?

The work is a whole day.

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He fulfilled his obligation.

Curtis is a much better liar than I thought.

I waited up for him until ten o'clock.


Brazil is called "Brasil" in Portuguese.

Is that your new book?

Sodium benzoate is a very common food preservative.


Dawson looked around to make sure no one was watching.

What must we do to avoid having this problem again?

I wonder what I should do with all the money I'm about to make.

We regularly meet there once a week.

Dreams can drive me mad.

Heat turns water into steam.

I've never seen you so angry.

I hear you're studying French with Mysore.

Jones is not the first speaker.


An espresso doppio to drink inside.

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I think you want this more than you want to admit.


I changed my hairstyle.

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"Mom, can I buy me an ice cream?" "No way, because if I let you, it will spoil your dinner."


It is three years since my father died.

The answer is still no.

Tracey loves risotto.

We climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji.

He gives with one hand and takes away with the other.

There is a curious story about an Englishman.

At first, it is difficult.

I can't go anywhere else.

People, like peacocks, will never tire of displaying to friends and potential mates just how wonderful they are.

You need stitches.

It's a simple mistake.


My letter should have reached him about this time.


They were angry.


Have you really already found a new job?

There has been a case of death in her family.

The U.S. government is to impose two of the sanctions against those countries.

She's got an appointment at 11 o'clock.

We must not violate the Constitution.


We all enjoyed the film.


You'll be asked why you want to be a teacher.

She gave him a book.

Bill signed up for the exam.


Staying up late nights is nothing to me.

There are many cockroaches in the kitchen.

Devon's way of speaking got on my nerves.

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I figured I could trust him.

I suppose it's feasible.

Don't get involved with bad men.

I was surfing on the internet at this time yesterday.

I know you want to keep it a secret.

Masha dreams of starting a revolution, but is too shy.

I want to ask him for his phone number.

Pamela told me that they slept together.

He's annoyed because she always gets there late.

The loss of her father was very painful for her.

Danny is the one who gave this to us.

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This wild rose gives off a sweet scent.

"I have to stop you from doing that." "Stop me from doing what?"

I'd like to know if she's arrived.

I can see some intricate patterns in the picture.

I see son's mother.

Gregg almost died.

Helge is taking a break.

"Don't scare me", she screamed as he came up behind her.

Where is the tea with milk?

It's much bigger than that.

You might be able to help me.

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He took over the business after her death.

That system is clearly better than the current one.

Is it hard being a goalie?

From then on, he made it a rule to put T-shirts only on mammals.

Germany is called "Deutschland" in German.

A lot has changed since I was a kid.

I bought new shoes at the shoe store.

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I didn't really do anything.

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How many people were you planning to bring?

They need us now.

We're trying to do the smart thing.

It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Do I look like Phillip to you?

That isn't likely to be a problem.

They deported Jesper.

How young do you think Sarah is?

I'd rather stay home and watch TV.

It looks like the flight was delayed.

You're not going to tell Amos, are you?

He put on his sweater wrong side out.

He died from the cold last night.

Mom bought a puppy for us.

You're amusing.


The chancellor comes after the president of the parliament.


I hear his business is on the verge of going bankrupt.


The pompous professor was full of his own self-importance.


I'm afraid she won't accept my explanation.

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Miss Kanda runs very fast.

We stayed there on our honeymoon.

Are you really going to eat that?

I think I'll go to Boston next Monday.

There was a lot going on.

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Lou helped Eli in the garden.

Scot's got nothing to hide.

Did you tell him you were joking?


Pravin admitted his guilt.


I banged my leg on the coffee table.

I think I eat a fairly balanced diet.

Movies are a great diversion.

My children won't listen to me.

Whereabouts did you say this happened?

You may kiss the bride.

Nick needs the truth.

That cat is so cute.

His answer is reasonable.


Are you suggesting Cathryn didn't die of natural causes?


Sharada is the captain of our team.

I thought Giovanni was going to hit me.

I don't know how much worse this'll get.


I have no words to thank you.