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That concert was a complete disappointment.


The view is so beautiful!

I tried to find Kay.

It is not the means which matters, it is the end.

The squirrel advanced against the strong wind.

Emma opened the window.

Ray only cares about appearance.

The employees share the burden of toil.

I don't understand the analogy.

He approached her in the disguise of a policewoman.

If I were a bird, I could fly to you.

Agatha is three years younger than I am.

I disobeyed you.

He ordered me to clean the room.

Of course I remember you, we used to be best friends when we went at elementary school!

Charleen isn't yet sure what Julius wants to do.

Write down your name here.

A blood vessel broke in my eye.


Why say sorry for something you haven't even done?


It sounds like someone's crying.

We have had a lot of snow and I am very happy.

I was reminded of my promise at the sight of you.

It is the behavior of the control group that is important in this connection.

Are you ready to talk to me now?

Frugality with diligence builds houses like castles.

I have to take off.

Your necklace is beautiful.

I am like her.

We left a margin for error in our estimates.

Even though you came to the movie theater to see the movie, you fell asleep. That's terrible.

Why have I done such mistakes?

They killed him.


I really want them near me.


She lied because she's hiding something.

This isn't about her, is it?

What will become of the child?

We must abide by the rules of the game.

They sat down by the fire.

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He is a Londoner by birth.

Is that my mug?

Morgan doesn't feel like she's smart enough.

I pretended I didn't understand.

I need to know where it hurts.

Were you in Bruce's room last night?

Rafael succeeded in finding a new job in Boston.

They were a bit embarrassed.

An often bankrupt developer of real estate repeatedly claims that his companies are enormously successful, while two lawsuits characterize his so-called university as a fraudulent enterprise.

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He fucked up.

Sometimes she drives to work.

The farmer entered the pigsty.

He likes to build model planes.

We've taken care of that.

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Stop being such a dork.

Oh, he eats like a bird.

Her gray hair makes her look older than her age.

No one can stop her.

Thus fought the Okinawan people.


He runs.


I ran into an old friend of mine this morning.

I can't prune this tree. It's too tall.

Don't be too sure.

Today I found that there's a movie called "The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!"

A new serial will begin in next month's issue.

Can you see?

He goes very often to the theater, but always by himself.


I know that I have a date, but I'm not sure who it's with.

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Let's get together later this evening.

Wolfgang approached them.

We don't have time to wait.

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I am in a tight place.

We pigged out on pizza and beer.

Impudent strumpet!

I wouldn't want to live with Jelske.

I'm studying Toki Pona.

I didn't go to a lot of movies in 2016.

How much money is in your bank account right now?


Would you stand, Terry?

I can't stay with my arms crossed!

We're not going to do that right now.

I hope Bruno hasn't already drunk all the milk.

I have always been honest with you. Why do you want to deceive me?

She isn't answering her phone.

Many students are looking for part-time jobs.


Botafogo has won the Brazilian League Trophy.

I wish I hadn't gone there by myself.

He did not look over a few typographical errors.

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Hundreds of people were waiting outside the ticket office.

That could be wrong.

Answer him.


Good night, sweetheart.

Maybe you contain it.

These articles are liable to duty.

I could stay with you.

The tragedy of war must not be forgotten.

Even though we lost the game, I have to say that we played the better football.

Let's grab a quick lunch at that small coffeeshop near the park.


Many workers are facing the ax in the assembly department.

Linder turns thirteen today.

Charley lives in Boston.

Gregg said he had never planned to stay that long.

I'm having second thoughts about my campaign.

At this restaurant, you eat spaghetti with chopsticks.

I waited and waited and at last John arrived.

I had a cup of coffee at the coffee shop.

They crossed the border into Spain.

Charlie thought up a good plan.

Don't buy me any more presents.

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I can't put up with this noise anymore.


Old men are dangerous: it doesn't matter to them what is going to happen to the world.

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"I'm so glad you got rid of him." "Me too."


I love you, too.

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Jon doesn't look like he's enjoying himself.


What happened in the meeting?

How long have you been in Bulgaria?

He is weak in English.


Hello, ma'am.


Arriving at the airport, I called her up.

This is a happy occasion.

They have developed a privacy policy that covers how they collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your information.

God always measures.

I was in the bath when the phone rang.

Reason is feminine in nature; it can only give after it has received. Of itself it has nothing but the empty forms of its operation.

Terrace farming is widely practiced in the mountainous regions of China.


Is that true, or are you making it up?


The court session lasted for three hours.


If you don't like the situation the way it is, do something about it.

Don't pick up the cat.

We arrived there before them.

We need to remember that.

I can do that better than anyone else here.

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She was seen to walk out of the room.

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Did anybody see you leave?


Max said he wanted to go swimming with us.

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Boyd ran across the field.


Sorrel likes watching TV.

Judy is smart.

The supermarket is open Monday through Saturday.

You don't like Robin, do you?

Don't let go of me.


I just hope I get paid.

You'll spook Rob.

When you were a child you feared the gloom.

Where would you like to sit?

Do you remember when Isabelle gave you that?

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This is a touchscreen, so you can use your fingers to operate the controls which are displayed on it.


They're unpredictable.

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Elliott is staring at us.


We'll have our picnic inside if the weather doesn't improve.

Piotr didn't come home that night.

It wasn't a threat.

Write down his phone number before you forget.

I'm afraid all my efforts to help her will be to no purpose.

The new sports complex is nice and big.

He is half as old again as she is.

Dominick woke up the children and told them to get ready for school.

He decided to stay and carry on his father's business.

I have only two hands.

Everyone is looking at Torsten.


It looks like we have no clean silverware.