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She is not herself today.

What happens if Shari doesn't show up?

He brought me coffee, when I had asked for tea.

Aimee resisted the impulse to kiss Rathnakumar.

I bet it was her who did it.


Dan analyzed Linda's fingerprints.

Jon spends a lot of time on her phone, texting and e-mailing her friends.

I saw all eight of them about an hour ago.


I have been studying English for five years.

We're out of danger.

Niels didn't visit anybody.


I greatly appreciate your efforts during our festival.

I was accorded permission to use the car.

The party, therefore, had to take another route.

I'm glad we put all that behind us.

Are you getting along with your neighbors?


"All right," said the man, "I don't believe this, but there's no harm in wishing. I wish to know who I am."

This is a big mistake.

Excuse me, where is the toilet?


I got my leg hurt in the accident.

The bridge connects the two cities.

Even though her salary is low, she works hard for that company.

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I laughed so hard tears streamed down my face.

She likes to dress up as a police officer.

Raja was caught joyriding in a stolen vehicle.

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If you want to get skinny, you should stop grazing between meals.


Compared with his brother, he is not so tall.


Barn's heating is in bad shape, comes the milk in cubic shape.


Perhaps I can answer that question.


I know I'm not good enough.

Raul should go to bed early tonight since he has a test tomorrow.

I am a student at London University.

Alison wanted to talk to Konstantinos face to face.

Bucky heard sirens approaching and ran off.


You're not the only one who owes me money.

How was the audition?

Melanie is eating an apple.

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Socialist agriculture attained great success.

I was going to do it anyway.

Many are afraid of darkness at night.

We all know that Mendel was way ahead of his time.

A lot of people look up to you. Don't let them down.

I can't remember the meaning of the word that I looked up yesterday.

Keeton supposed that perhaps bird and animals know about these lines.

The victim was identified as Dan Anderson.

Why would I be happy?

Try it again.

Now, how would I know that?


Your child peed in his diaper.


This isn't my umbrella; it's somebody else's.

I lost the eyesight in my right eye two years ago.

I drank too much again.


I love my friends.

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Daddy bought me books.

It's okay.

It was going to be from Saturday, but, with one thing and another, it ended up being from the new week.

This is pseudoscience.

Deer were once the main game.

I will find a way to repay you.

The great critic and poet is lecturing on philosophy.


I've been having trouble waking up.


Who would have thought the wasabi alarm would turn out possible?

Let's not jump to conclusions.

No matter how rich one may be, one cannot live happily without health.


I confiscated a gun from a student this morning.

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow.

Carry the table out, please.


The wholesalers might try to back out of the deal.


It is essential that you present yourself at the office.


Settings are really elaborate in gothic novel.


I don't meet very many women.

Even Plastic seemed to enjoy the movie.

The suspect had a nervous disposition, was a chain smoker and had bitten his nails down to the quick.


So, what do you want to do tomorrow?

I have a possible explanation for that.

What do the initials NTT stand for?


He bade us welcome.

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We ate fresh fruit after dinner.


We never went to see her again.


He's good at what he does.

Auto-destruct sequence initiated.

Are you going to tell Meehan about what you did?


Your body is saying yes.

I just want to get back to work.

When you start to look like the photo in your passport, it's time to go on vacation.

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I didn't like what he said at all.

I ask you not to fulfill for me any of my requests.

I couldn't resist.

I'm really not interested in that.

Did Suu say anything about where he had been?


Miltos held up his wine glass for a toast.

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I recently met them.

I didn't have a key.

That would be uncomfortable.

We believed him to be innocent.

My father doesn't just smoke, he drinks too.


But I can't believe it!

If you pay for my ticket then we will be quits.

Craig was carrying his son on his back.

This is a beaver dam.

I would not have you other than you are.

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Welcome, John! We were waiting for you.

I rubbed my feet.

This girl seems to be sad

No one could stop Francois.

Poets have compared life to a voyage.


I do not like people staring at me.


There are several irregularities in the nitrogen cycle.

Ethan married an older woman.

English Wikipedia is blacked out today.

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Does your car have a spare tire?

Reading this philosophy book is making me depressed.

You've got to get out of there right now.

"Liszt", the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt's family name, means "flour" in Hungarian.

She drew back in horror at the sight.

When Ronald was eighteen, he decided that he wanted to become a soldier.

Alberto whispered something to Jenine that I couldn't hear.

What, there's a cafe in a place like this? Was that always there?

I'll call tomorrow morning.

Would you know where there is a pharmacy that is open till late?

I'm acquainted with Dawn.

The flight attendant accidentally spilled some hot coffee on Marshall.

I would like to make an offering to myself.

How much money do you have in your bag?

I had been making the same mistake all my life.

What this place needs is a good school.

Dan revealed he was a white supremacist.

"I... actually don't know that either," Dima admitted. "Sometimes, this story really doesn't make any sense."

Check out your options.


Hurry up, Donn. The food is getting cold.

Let's not open wounds from the past.

Who will bell the cat?

He played a trick on his friend.

He'll answer your letter soon.


I started dating her.

Jess is always one step ahead of us.

I don't need a cardiogram.

It was destroyed.

If you had missed that bus, you might not be here now.

I wonder what Mike was thinking.

Are you happy in your house?

My cat is thrilled with joy when she gets fish for dinner.

Jackson was a rough man.

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Jane appears to be enjoying the party.

Lynne looks a little annoyed.

I am unable to do more!

You're free of all responsibility.

The spider is dead.

She was in love with me, but I wasn't in love with her.

Leslie slept for only three hours.

I need you to drive me to the station.

The last city on my list was Boston.

We need this.

Meehan said the soup was too hot.


I couldn't even walk away, much less run.

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Would you drop it?