I'd like to stay a little bit longer.

What's Mario's wife like?

Granville's hair is very long.

Will you stamp this letter for me?


Japan is trying to cope with the aging of its population.

Nou looks very bored.

One day he was walking along the street.

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Milner hopes Ethan won't die.

She shed bitter tears.

Where is Mississippi?

I knew you'd blow it.

Isn't Kristian beautiful?

Most employees expect a pay raise once a year.

Sugar melts in hot water.

I'm all worn out.

All the best!

I learn languages as a hobby.

Sanjib was unimpressed.

Wilmer is rich enough to buy anything he wants.

It was almost 2:30 when Trevor finally got home.

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Can I close the door?

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I need to tell Stanley.

The door is made of wood.

Are not you ashamed of yourself?

The fact is that he knows nothing about it.

I ate too much last night.

I'd like to go geocaching, but I can't find my GPS.

For many years, Pluto was considered to be the ninth planet in our solar system.


You'd better get going.

I ran away from the training camp.

Do whatever it takes to get the job done.


You don't even like fish.

Jerald hasn't ever studied French.

I don't know her very well.

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Shankar is making vacation plans now.

Does Judy believe that?

Do you think we'll win?


What a nice face she has!

Kyu seldom makes a mistake.

I agreed to meet Kerri in front of the station.

Go through the orange door.

All of us were not satisfied with the system.

You are beautiful to such an extent that everyone loves you.

Oscar introduced me to his roommate.


It is true that the earth is round.

I consider him an idiot.

Don't you move or I'll shoot.


I haven't read any of his books.

The notes are at the bottom of the page.

What's the name of the highest mountain in that country?

Erick is so fat he can hardly walk.

I won't work with Anthony.

I've managed to finish the first three chapters so far.

I forgot to tell you what time the meeting started.

We kept quiet in the room.

"How's the world treating you, Amir?" "Pretty good."


We've altered course.

We drink water.

His gross manners offended his companions.


Start at once, and you will be in time for school.

Don't you know I'm going out with Carter?

She is taller than her sister.


Arlene is too depressed to work.

Are you a locavore?

In my opinion, Australia is one of the best countries in the world.

Sergiu was lying in bed watching TV.

Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this film or any part thereof may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

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What do I have to be afraid of?

I'm only here because of you.

Do you know what happens to people that do that kind of thing?


My parents love her.

Pray forgive me!

What kind of a party do you want?

I'm off beer.

I'll probably never do that again.

That might not be necessary.

Your plan just might work.


There was broken glass all over the floor.

Raif won't be able to help us.

He started again.

Security eventually intervened.

"Who can best do the job?" "No one other than Manavendra."


I recognized your voice right away.

Delbert would've done the same thing you did.

Kenneth didn't need to be here.


You didn't drink all the wine that I bought, did you?

I think I will go to London after finishing high school.

Do you think we convinced her?


They're ready for you.

Translating this text will be very simple.

That's basic economics.

Briggs agreed to help Dylan clean the kitchen.

People who are afraid of making mistakes will make no progress in English conversation.

People are gathering outside.

I'm sure that you understand me.


I know what those movies are like.

The plans are still fluid.

He had suffered some failures.

Can we get back to discussing my problem?

It hurts to move.

Luis has grown accustomed to Srinivasan's nagging.

I can talk for a bit.

The skyscraper is in the downtown.

Is it possible to take a shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel?

Life isn't always simple.

Jack reached out for the magazine on the shelf.


Lawrence yelled at me for no reason.


She brought him to our place.

The shoes need to be polished.

You can hold my hand.

Do you know how this machine operates?

She shaved her armpits.

We thought it wrong to leave her alone.

Do you and Matt stay in touch?


He was summoned to appear in court.

The dog crawled through an opening in the fence.

I solved the problem easily.

Can you print it out for me?

Barrett should get started.

What is your natural hair color?

Price stopped clapping.

I think that recording is important.

Water that has been electrolyzed is used to clean germs on precision machines.


This smell might come from the oven!

Working together, they cleaned the entire house in no time.

If Elvis drops by, please give him this document.


I can't speak for her.


Tell me something I don't know.

The penguin was expelled from the group.

I've already paid for it.


I had a man build me a house.

You're a rich man.

Never deal with a dragon and never trust an elf!

Which side won?

I thought Agatha would let me go.

No one can be more wise than destiny.

Will you be there?

I wouldn't be the same without you.

Plants give off oxygen as they make food.

When Erick was a kid, he used to collect his father's cigarette butts until he had enough tobacco to roll a cigarette for himself.

How do I explain that to him?


The red umbrella reminded her of her grandma.

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He made believe he was a doctor.

You dropped your pencil.

She went to college to learn English.


I worry about that sometimes.

Looking back at your childhood, what do you remember as your first reading experiences?

I just hope no one saw me!

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Where were you that whole time?

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Is it true you're a high school teacher?


I always thought so.

Valentin tightened the nuts.

I have recovered my health already.

Edward inherited his uncle's property.

Don't talk to her.

English is a required class.

My mom gets out of bed before me.

Matthias finally did what he agreed to do.

Patricia ignored Lindsey almost all day, but finally talked to her just after dinner.

Enjoy the life!

Don't give anyone else this number.

Do you want a ride?

He drank that large beer mug dry.

Sun rise was incredibly beautiful.

Since the weather is so good, can I open a window?

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It is like casting pearls before swine.