I've missed out on so much.

I really like riding my bike to school.

Norm offered Blayne a slice of cake.


We did have a look around for you!

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Of course, innocent people were released.

Jeff left her sister to clean the windows.

Peggy says he was in Boston the week before last.

He will be a Shakespeare in the future.

The child was hiding in the box.

The others will arrive in a few minutes.

Why haven't you eaten your food?


She was worn out from overwork.

You didn't tell Hillel where to meet us, did you?

Marlena isn't here to help us.

Surya stopped what he was doing and looked up at Huey.

Noemi made a frantic attempt to finish painting the fence before dark.

I am afraid to write English comments while I'm trying to learn English.

Marilyn has poor eyesight.

I owe him no less than 50,000 yen.

If only I knew the answer now!

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After a while he came back with a dictionary under his arm.

I'm very glad about that.

I want to give you my heart for ever.


I'm now busy writing a book.

Let's watch a movie.

Angus counts on Gill to help him.

I'll never make that mistake again.

I went to see Phillip.

Why would Douglas do it?

I actually like Galen.

She complained that it was too hot in the room.

I'm waiting for a response from him.

He smoked cigarettes passionately.

I've been to the post office.

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What's different about Ned?

It is a well-known fact that a bad woman seldom becomes better as she grows older, and Elsa's stepmother was no exception to the rule.

His argument is inconsistent with our policy.


"You're Mr. Ogawa, aren't you?" "Yes, I am. How can I help you?"


Let us not be proud of the things that we should be ashamed of.

The dog has a very keen sense of smell.

I'm sure Sean is aware of that.


I didn't think it was right.

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We skipped his turn on purpose.

Why was I so stupid?

I hate horror movies.

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I'll be back in three minutes.

Today I am messing up everything.

I always loved your delicacy.

Please insert a coin.

Apparently, they nest in a tree in front of the house.

She cannot tell the time yet.

Eugene was captured in battle.

I'd rather not waste my time trying to learn a language that I don't need to know.

Do you mean me?

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I must excuse myself from the task, because I am unequal to it.


Wilmer walked Monty to her car.

This ship needs a new captain.

We were successful!

Why didn't Tyler tell us?

Tell them to stay put for now.

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I thought I'd lend you a hand.

My boss is very cheerful today.

I also like this singer's voice.

Someone once said: "Don't tell a Japanese how to speak Japanese."

Ping and Leonard must really hate each other.


You're being hunted.


It's normal to be scared.


This is extremely hard for him.

Sedat and Ruth just don't trust John.

The United States is typical of the democratic countries.

How are you going to help me?

Did something seem wrong?

You do not have to answer this question.

I see something.

The table at which I dined was close to the window.

They found Raanan, didn't they?

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Be loved.

She will grow up to be a very good pianist.

I took one in.


Floyd didn't say where or when to meet him.

Liyuan is in town.

Allen spent three months in jail.

They won't need you.

Where did you spit at them?

She's much better today than yesterday.

I think his novel is boring.


Can you tell me where you're going?


We need Kathryn's experience.

He is my youngest brother.

Am I talking too loud?


Christofer said he wants to talk to you.

Surya can't stand up straight anymore.

The company always strives to satisfy its customers.

She wears a girdle.

She isn't old enough to get a driving licence.

All of the women in the room turned and glared at Richard.

Don't you have someplace else you need to be?


He kept on telling the same story over and over.

As far as I know, he wasn't involved in that fraud scheme.

Shut the door!

Guido was obviously lying.

I wish you had told me when Hsi expected me to be here.

We're embarrassing Elaine.

Our engine is efficient and produces much less CO2.

You haven't seen my cat?

Do you like cats?


He was happy that he passed that exam.

He retired to his hometown, where he lived a quiet life.

I'm dead set against the plan.

When I was young, I was a bit scruffy and there were times when I didn't take a bath for up to two weeks during the summer.

Don't let her die.

Let's switch.

The police shot Johnathan's tires out.


All the patients eventually died.

We were in love.

One should bear in mind that time is money.

I could have known.

This made me laugh so hard.

Turn around, please.

I choose to work.

Sanjib got a haircut.

Many people think that children don't spend enough time playing outside.


Old isn't going to help you.

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The serial killer was cold and distant during his trial, and appeared unaffected by the fact that he had murdered so many people.


The poor man was never to see his wife again.

Hughes contradicted himself.

He ended up in jail.

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You are my happiness.


Suddenly, the crowds stopped cheering.

I jog almost every day.

Sri has a meeting this afternoon at 2:30.

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Juri took an ice bath after the race.

His clothes always smell bad.

He ordered a chop suey.


I had a room with a beautiful view of the mountains.

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Look, look at that shark, which has followed us all night - why it is only waiting for you to get into the water to swallow you.

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Is there any problem here?

He has since taken to drinking at lunch.

Jack doesn't have much time left.

He stayed there not more than four days.

I have given leave to do what he likes.

Gold is more expensive than lead.

Our engine is efficient and produces much less CO2.

Jesper definitely was here last night.

Vernon drove Len to the nearest hospital.

Marsha has been on a diet for three months.

How did you come to know this?


These are my suitcases.

What do I write?

Can a case be made for late-term abortions?

We can talk in front of them.

We think little of him as a scholar.

Bees are flying among the flowers.

Don't you want to learn things?

I don't think it's good.

I want to read it.

Tony hardly ever speaks to me anymore.

The severity of such marks can reveal whether or not any of these people were habitually engaged in hard labor.

I'm afraid I took the wrong train.

I like everything.

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After her husband's death, she brought up the two children all by herself.

The trip is farther than I expected.

After the trip, we felt very tired.