Depression is a period marked by slackening of business activity, widespread unemployment, falling prices, and wages, etc.

I'm happy to hear you're still working for us.

Everyone gets what they deserve.

Nobody disliked Luc.

I shouldn't have logged off.

You're a thief.

He threw up.

Which is the best solution?

The professor teaches English conversation.

"Do you want to go to the dance with me?" "I'm really sorry, but I can't."

Thomas paid no attention to what Presley said.

She rents the room to a student for seventy thousand yen a month.

I went to the meeting in place of Sam, who was sick.

He lifted the car with his phenomenal strength.

It is an endangered species.

Within the settlement, Lucius was known as a professional schemer.

That's what they told me.

Marriage is made in heaven.

Instead of being here to work, you get the sense that he's simply a permanent fixture here.

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The second the mailman comes, he rushes out to pick up his mail.

Russia is big.

I haven't seen Rick since he returned from New Zealand.

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Tollefsen gave me one lakh rupees.

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Some think it is based on love, others on control.

You have to pay in advance.

You've got to let me go.


I wrapped myself in a towel.

The cliff hangs over the sea.

When was the last time you argued with your wife?

He is a considerate father.

We're Facebook friends.

We're on pretty shaky ground as it is.

I've got to get away for a while.


Would you please turn down the TV?

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I really have no idea.

Jeff made me cookies.

Can I go play in my room?

Ronald has been gone for a few days.

Where did you store them?

He always wants to have his own way.

Swamy came to see you this afternoon.

The accident happened because he wasn't careful.

Traces of soap were found in the victim's lungs. I suppose they drowned her in the bath.

These are my favorites.

Mickey went to the bar to get a drink.


Marsha went to the theater with Ronni.


Did you read this morning's extra?


I have to be back by 2:30.


I thought Doug was King's son.

This university was founded by Andries Jackson.

He left Japan on a fine day.

I just cracked a rib.

You must do your duty, whether you like it or not.

You're harsh.

I was taken aback by a thunderclap.

Margie is in the bathroom now.

I checked and rechecked, so I don't think there are any mistakes on that report.

Maybe we could go dancing.

Mick gave me one crore rupees.

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Where else do I have to go?

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I don't need advisers.

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Japanese like to soak in hot water before going to sleep.

The enemy attack ceased at dawn.

I'll find my own way out.

Do you have any tax-free articles?

There are some things in this world that, no matter how much you wish for them, will never come true.

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Nature is cruel.


Could something like that happen nowadays?

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Congress rejected the request.


Where can I meet them?

The rhetoric of hate is often most effective when couched in the idiom of love.

The most beautiful thing in the sky are the stars, the most beautiful thing in life is kindness.

Listening to music in that moment relaxed me.

Please tell them it's important.

Can someone give me a sensible answer to this question?

They were discontented.

I have visited America.

Don't touch my daughter!

We weren't actually posing.

My father told me to rest well.

Everyone loves Mac.

I'm looking for work, too.

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You saved my ass.

The model plane they built was fragile.

The poor little girl did nothing but sob all day.

I have to keep on working.

None of my children are able to communicate in French.

It's only getting bigger.

Ants can lift things that are more than 50 times their own weight.

Human beings were created in God's image.

When people are killed, they die.


Andreas asked her husband to grow a mustache like Pilar's.


The longer you stay, the more overtime pay you'll get.


He arched his eyebrows in surprise.

He saw that he was wrong.

I'm having difficulty figuring this out.

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Japanese script seems easier on the eyes than Roman script.

The world sometimes seems meaningless.

Whatever might happen, I won't change my mind.

Paula is Neal's neighbor.

The employee asked for the all the members rise in pay.


You must be feeling better.


I'll give her another chance.


I turned down the idea of going for a walk and stayed at home.

We have a situation here.

What time does the dining room open?

I've been everywhere.

She was wearing a black hat.


You can come to visit me, as long as you promise to behave well.


"Oh Marcel, you big, strong man! Come here and kiss me!" "I'm sorry! I'm married!"


Many of my friends tried to live on their own but moved back home because of insufficient funds for their lifestyle.

She didn't put any cheese in her pasta dish.

Knute has a very important job.

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This isn't finished at all.


I will be waiting for the bus at seven.

I spend money as soon as I get it.

You ought to thank him.

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All of us try to be what none of us couldn't be except when some of us were what the rest of us desired.

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Butler is coming over for dinner tonight.

What brought you to Boston?

You will soon get used to Japanese food.

Forget the sad affair.

Kitty must be somewhere near retirement age.

She said she feared that he might fail.

He mixes up words, so his letter is full of blunders.


Her son was killed in the accident.

They refused to talk to me in spite of my earnest request.

Do you remember that Canadian guy named Merton Jackson?

Don't forsake me!

If you keep your grades up, you'll get into a good university.

It's not very easy.

Rain or shine, I will start tomorrow.

Nobody trusts Niall anymore.

You did your best.

I'll be glad to show you.

Our daughter has started crawling.


I possess three kinds of video-game machines.

You'll never walk alone.

Seven policemen were killed.


Varda massaged my temples with his fingers.

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I found a new meaning whenever I read the book.

I'm going to visit him next week.

Don't open your mouth!


I have read sixty pages, while he has read only ten.

I had a talk with them.

You have only to push the button.

We spent three days in Baghdad.

I never wanted this.

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I was told that Nancy can't speak French.

I'll try to reach him.

How long do horses live?

Eugene stormed out of the office.

He always gets bullied at school.

The firm has added 25 new associates to work on mergers and other deals.

Our cat is in the kitchen.

I think this belongs to you.

Lui is much taller than anybody else here.

This holiday was called Saturnalia among the Romans and was marked by great merriment and licence which extended even to the slaves.

I feel safe with you.


I learned a lot from him.