He's a community leader.

I just want to watch this.

How many people were at your party?

Suddenly, he accelerated the car.

How could you let something like that happen?

The bullet train we were on pulled out at 12 sharp.

That is very nice of you.

My whole family perished in the fire.

Ernest says that he's too busy to fall in love.

If you had picked up the phone, I would have invited you to Paulo's house.

The athletes fell far short of our expectations.

She stood bolt upright.

Now turn to your right, a little more, a little more. OK, now lie still on your back.

I think it won't rain this afternoon.


Eleanor suffered severely for her conjugal affection even after the death of her husband by being imprisoned for the dreadful period of forty-three years.

Do you see my horse or your dog?

I'm ready as well.

I'm a terrible dancer.

We must keep calm.

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When's the power going back on?


They can make the same product much more cheaply.


Don't be stupid.

Don't delete this file.

She looked pleased.

Noam said he'd be back right away.

As much as Anne tried to forget Michelle, he couldn't.

Do you really like this kind of food?

I heard that Allan attempted suicide.


Elliot's pitching is pretty good.

It can be done in a day.

I don't want to sing, because I'm tone-deaf.


Someone always sees through their disguises.

We can't just fire Floyd.

If anyone was to ask what the point of the story is, I really don't know.

The long drought was followed by famine.

How would you stop us?

Norma pushed the shopping cart for his mother.

Naim is just my age.

You could've just talked to me.

I met Mysore a few months ago.

At night, this street is very peaceful.

He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

I hope to be able to go in June.

I've been told that he's a very competent person.

Anatoly is coming here, isn't he?

I'm not finished talking to you.

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There was no one in the mine when it blew up.

Charleen was mopping the kitchen.

Do you want anything for breakfast?

Something is wrong with the brakes.

Tomorrow I'm going to Paris.

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This hotel is the best, as hotels go.

Krista's curt, businesslike tone put off her clients at the maternity ward, especially on their special days.

When I'm dead, no one will make me suffer.

Mikael didn't kill his wife.

I don't get paid very much.

Everybody laughed except Dwight.

How many cars can this garage hold?

I need to speak with you.

We heard gunshots from next door.


While one of them sped around major parts of the property on the mower, a second made a few sweeps at some tall weeds on the edge of my wife's garden, and the third got into the truck and smoked a cigarette.

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That company deals mainly in imported goods.

Linda was pregnant at that time.

The couple sat down for a charming alfresco dinner in the garden.

Don often eats breakfast here.

When I didn't have any money, I only had a rug for a bed.

These supplies became extremely valuable.

Brent is playing cards with Sjaak.

You can't say anything else.

She is fond of display.

We weren't able to buy tickets, so we didn't go to the concert.

Miho is the girl I like best.

Does Coca-Cola contain caffeine?

The damage of the typhoon spread over several prefectures.

I wouldn't know how to help you.

She leaped from her chair.

I'm not as stupid as you think I am.

I am going to exercise on the treadmill.

There is somebody in the meeting room.

He is getting on very well with his English.

Her husband is in prison.

I met Johnathan at a club.

Hector wants to thank you.

Our neighbours were forced to sell their house.

Do not fail to come here by the appointed time.

You don't have to shout at the top of your voice.

I wanted to become a doctor.

The company was purchased by a group of Hong Kong investors.

Malloy headed back to town.

I like to eat watermelon.

For them who are used to live in hell, it is unbearable in paradise. For this reason, the Russian diaspora in the United States have voted for Donald Trump.

The patrol car pursued a speeding sports car, but it all ended in a wild-goose chase.


I fancy that I heard a noise.

Most passengers were hardly injured.

Given her complete lack of gratitude after all that I had done for her, I told myself that I would have done better by banging my head against the wall.

Currently, when idealistic obscurantism has become a major "theoretical" means for the warmongers, Lenin's critique of bourgeois philosophy of the early XX century acquired particular relevance.

Rex hasn't done what we asked him to do.

I was deceived by her appearance.

You've got a job to do.

Jean-Pierre picked up the phone.

Go to Blayne's house.

Be on your guard against pickpockets.

Kayvan finally went to a doctor.

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I am of the opinion that he will never come back.

As the men walked up and down the rows of people, they shouted, "Get your dachshund sausages!"

It was crowded.

He is a locked nature.

The doctors wore white masks over their mouths and noses.

Why are you so obsessed with cars?

A math teacher says, "With a calculator, the child can reach the right answer, but have no idea at all how he got there."

Luke pulled out all the stops.

Polly and Margie are at the bar drinking.

Don't worry about others.

Let's move it, people.

You weren't even listening to Andre.

Please tell Ernie I'll pick him up at the station.

When were you here last?

Dan dislikes Matt because he's blunt and insensitive.

Gene is my next-door neighbor.

Friends should be helped.

There was only one survivor of the accident.

We're better off without Jim.

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I bought a pair of gloves.

Mick just went inside.

It seems you are not taking me seriously.


Morris sorrowfully buried her mother.


You'd better get back here.

I want to take dictation.

The rapist showed no signs of remorse during his trial.

Let's see what Pierce can do.

That changes nothing.


Some people walk to work.

The one thing I know is that I know nothing.

I'd walk through fire with gasoline-soaked underpants for her.

I wish that was true.

I can't make Jeremy do anything.


One day was 30 degrees.

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Put out your cigarette butts before throwing them away!

Thad has always lived in Boston.

It makes you happy, doesn't it?

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You're smarter than him.

Sam is serious about his work.

Shatter plays hockey.

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Mistakes do happen.

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From the center of the ceiling of this kitchen, old Wardle had just suspended with his own hands a huge branch of mistletoe.

He became blind because of the accident.

I don't want Allan to get into trouble.


Leila tapped his fingers on his desk.


His calmness is more apparent than real.

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Heinrich came to save me.

Don't walk on the grass.

I have a kidney condition.

He was kind enough to take me to the bus stop.

Lin doesn't want to go to Boston with us.

He grabbed the machine-gun and shot at the police car.

He took a risk when he helped me.


Good luck. You're going to need it.

He has visited France three times.

I must have someone repair my word processor.

The apple trees will probably start to blossom next week.

You can meet her tonight.

Congratulations! You just won a free cruise to the Bahamas!

We can't leave Carolyn here.

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

I can't answer for his dishonesty.


All I know about humor is that I don't know anything about it.

Please take off your hats.

This is doable.

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Sandip has no choice but to quit.

Just try to stop me.

Andries looked the other way.

Susanne knows who broke the window.

I see some fishing boats on the horizon.