• Growth Opportunity

    By working with the LSA Opportunity Hub last summer, LSA students were able to put their ingenuity and education to work at internships around the country and across the globe.

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  • Urban Biographies, Ancient and Modern

    This exhibition now open at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, showcases three classical cities where U-M sponsors field projects: Gabii in Italy, Olynthos in Greece and Notion in Turkey.

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  • U-M, Harvard form new partnership

    The University of Michigan and Harvard University are forming two new partnerships designed to spur economic mobility and reduce poverty in Detroit, as well as combine resources and expertise in response to the national opioid crisis.

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  • Getting ‘smart’ about construction safety

    The construction industry, by its nature, can be dangerous. SangHyun Lee, an associate professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, says wearable sensors can improve construction worker safety and also reduce costs through better data on worker health.

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