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If you really want to become one of the online casino big boys, you need to appeal to a broad audience. A trap that many online casinos in the past fell into was opting for localisation when it came to both operations and currency offering. This way of thinking saw many online casinos fall by the wayside, as the major names adopted an intercontinental approach to operations. One online casino that is attempting to branch out in such area is Tivoli Casino, who has announced plans to add GBP, NOK, and SEK to their available currency selection.

The move from Tivoli Casino is an interesting one and in many ways represents the company’s ambition to become one of the world’s biggest online casinos. Currently they offer just Euro as a currency option, but that is set to change with the arrival of the Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, and most importantly the British Pound. When all is said and done many industry analysts see Tivoli Casino having a far greater appeal in Europe as a result.

Financial Simplicity

What Tivoli Casino is known for is fun, but it is what is taking place behind the scenes that has allowed this to be the case. For a long time it seemed that Tivoli Casino was comfortable playing it safe when it comes to currency options. Euro is considered a common currency foundation, but while it does cater for a large audience it does tend to exclude some fairly large online casino markets. The UK licenses Tivoli Casino and while UK based players are able to play there, the lack of currency support left many players feeling frozen out. The addition of British Pounds to the currency selection is sure to appease those on UK shores and further increase player numbers. While the addition of GBP is considered the key move, Tivoli Casino has also opted to make NOK and SEK currency use available to. This should allow Tivoli to further tap into Scandinavian markets. In addition to the currency additions, live chat and email support has also been expanded to further support players from such countries.

The Toast of Tivoli

It isn’t hard to figure out why Tivoli is an online casino with a growing presence on European shores. Taking on the theme of an amusement park, the fun elements within Tivoli Casino are available to see from the very moment you log-on. In attempt to differentiate itself from the competitive market, they have looked to inject plenty of colour into proceedings. While the design of the website is bright and light-hearted, it is has a serious selection of games backing it. Tivoli Casino works with a literal who’s who of developers in order to make sure that members get the very best online casino experience that money can buy. Games from the likes of Microgaming, Play’n GO, and NetEnt are all at hand to players, showcasing the level of firepower that Tivoli Casino brings to the table. Easy on the eye but still packing plenty of the punch, Tivoli Casino seems to have all the makings of a player’s favourite.

Try Tivoli Today

The introduction of three new currencies to the fold has helped make Tivoli Casino the complete package in the eyes of many. If you are interested in trying Tivoli Casino in order to see what the fuss is about, click this link to jump over to 5598406709 Plus today to see what bonus and promotions they have in-store for new players.

Odds are you have heard the terms “perfect online casino companion” and “perfect casino assistant” once or twice in your lifetime. While these usually relate to a get rich quick online scam or something along those lines, there is actually a tool that can stake claim to really being a worthwhile online casino accompaniment. This is an online casino portal, while some are better than others, there is no denying that whichever will choose it should be able to be able to aid you in one way or another. If you still have questions surrounding the uses of online casino portals, then don’t worry as we have all the answers you are looking for right here.

What is a casino portal?

A casino portal is a website that pools together information about online casinos and more specifically online casino bonuses. Casino portals tend to go into the nitty-gritty of what an online casino offers, from wagering requirements to game selection, you are likely to find it detailed within an online casino portal. Other casino portals are more niched, focusing in more on one particular type of bonus och promotion. A good example of this is, which is a website that is dedicated to listing the best (203) 677-8161 offers.

What is the purpose of online casino portals?

Casino portals were original created by independent gamblers out of their posts and comments on online casino forums. Their purpose was to pool together information to aid other gamblers who are on the look out for a particular type of casino or casino bonus. These independent sites gained plenty of traction in the beginning, but would flag when it came to staying up to date. These days’ casino portals are operated as professional outlets and carry a far more polished feel because of such.

Who can run a casino portal?

In general anyone can run a casino portal or at least label their website as much. All anyone really needs is an operating domain and preferably some on-site connections within the online casino industry. Looking at the history of online casino portals, they were once pretty much independently run by online casino enthusiasts. These websites would pool information from different users and present them to those on the lookout for the latest news and reviews. However, over time these websites faced increasing operating costs, these costs would eventually lead to affiliate marketing systems being introduced. These days the online casinos often have an indirect impact on how online casino portals operate.

What can a casino portal do for me?

The key purpose of an online casino portal is to help players find a suitable online casino to play at. By breaking down and reviewing an online casino’s performance and statistics, a casino portal can help a potential player decide whether the online casino in question is good or bad. But they can do much more than just that. Casino bonuses are now part and parcel of how the online casino world operates, which means players face plenty of choice when they choose to play online. A good casino portal can make this choice easier for the player, by detailing clear and not so clear facts about an online casino bonus.

How can I find an online casino portal?

Finding an online casino portal couldn’t be easier; you can first pay a visit to one of my favorite sites,, who helps their visitors to find a suitable casino bonus, as well as reviews of various gaming websites. Or you could go through the search engine route of typing in either “online casino portal” or “casino portal” into an online search engine, then selecting a website from the results.


If you’re new to the online gaming world, this is most likely a very exciting time for you. Asides from having access to a world of games, tournaments and virtual player features – an online gaming platform offers so much more.

Other advantages to playing online include the versatility – no longer do players need to venture to their nearest brick and mortar style venues to enjoy all of the latest games, they can instead log on from the comfort of their own home. In fact, providing an Internet connection is available, today’s tech-savvy players can log on from a variety of different venues – including when basking in the sun on holiday or whilst on a train enduring a daily commute.

Then there’s the fact that there are no dress codes to abide by or queues to conquer. Simply log on (wearing your pyjamas if you wish) and play for as long as you desire. Although, it is always wise to game with a fresh head – if not – you may end up losing a little more than you intended too!

Practise is always a good idea

Just as with anything in life you’re unsure of, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations of both the casino and game prior to placing a cash bet. Learning the ropes (although a little tedious) will ensure you win big in the long run! It may take a few goes or it may take longer – it’s important not to put a time limit on building your gaming confidence. As soon as you feel you’re the best you can be, only then should you consider placing a real cash wager.

Choose your game wisely

Asides from choosing a safe and secure casino, it’s important to opt for a venue that offers the games you enjoy and also, the games you are good at! Use a casino portal to help you determine which venues offer what.

Use promotions to your advantage

Promotions aren’t just there for fun. Yes they may attract new players to various sites but they’re also an asset to these players. Newbies can use free spins and free games to get to grips with the rules of play and also, to get a feel for the casino in question.

When searching for good bonuses and promotions, a good place to visit is They have pretty much everything you need to know about (202) 844-9875 gathered in one place – Reviews, promotions, news and game guides.

Play at a live venue

If you’re after an incredibly real experience, then it’s a good idea to choose a venue that offers live game play. This allows you (the player) to watch the dealer in action, in real time. From experiencing them roll the dice to watching them spin the wheel, every movement is visible through a live streaming device. All in all, this means you get all of the action of the real thing streamed directly to the comfort of your own home!

Play sensibly

So now that you’ve found a casino and the games you enjoy, you must learn to play sensibly. Although it’s tempting to play for many hours on end, it’s important to always play with a fresh head (especially if you’re gambling large amounts). Just remember, virtual venues are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so there really is no rush to play every minute of every hour.

Funny = Money

There is an old saying in the world of entertainment, that being that “funny isn’t money”. It referenced that comedy acts couldn’t draw the crowds on the big stage, but these days it can be argued that funny certainly is money, especially within the realm of online casino gaming. The humour when it comes to online casino comes through the marketing efforts and advertising we see on our TV screens. Doing away with the serious nature of years gone by, newer campaigns have worked to ramp up the funny. Today we will look at some of the funniest online casino adverts on TV at the moment and how their light-hearted nature is working to draw players in.

The Roar of the Tiger

Like the popular Katy Perry song, LeoVegas is all about the roar when it comes to their latest advertising efforts. Through an ambitious marketing campaign, they have brought humour to the mix in order to win players overs. The advert involves a man walking down the street dressed as a lion in a bright and vibrant suit, representing the LeoVegas “Leo” character. As he heads down the street he receives glances from passers by, before they all imitate the famous LeoVegas roar. The whole entire concept is bizarre, yet still very funny, with the advert itself already having been viewed millions of times. LeoVegas have clearly brought big roars with their newest ad campaign, but they’ve also brought plenty of laughs too.

By visiting, you can pick up some really good bonuses at Leo Vegas, a casino that just seem to get more and more popular.

Star Power in Abundance

BGO have forgone all the dramatics when it comes to their advertising efforts and have instead opted for raw star power with just a dash of humour. By featuring world-known stars like Verne Troyer (Mini Me from Austin Powers), Dan Bilzerian (well-known poker playing playboy), and Paris Hilton (socialite and Las Vegas DJ), it is clear the angle that BGO are going for. Featuring Blizerian playing a poker game with Troyer, who sits alongside a giant gorilla, it is clear that the advert is a laugh a minute. Paris Hilton is set to increase the increase the funny when she joins the pair in the next round of adverts later this year. If BGO is one thing, it is big on funny when it comes to their advertising.

Mr Green’s Personal Playground

In the world of online casino gaming, Mr. Green has always had a reputation on the casino portal circuit for being a strong brand. Having built up an image of sturdiness, the brand had decided to let loose in their latest advertising campaign. Mr Green himself dances into a room, only to see a few jealous gentleman cast him questionable looks. He then takes to the dance floor, captivating everyone around. As far as adverts go, Mr Green’s latest effort delivers plenty of humour along with a large helping of flare.

Online casinos have gone one step further by introducing an innovative gaming experience to our computers, tablets and mobile screens. In fact, they’ve completely changed the way we game online – gaming fanatics can now enjoy their favourite games in real time from the comfort of their own homes, or in fact, anywhere with an active Internet connection.

The best of both worlds

Live casinos offer the best of both worlds – boasting a seamless mix of online and brick and mortar styles – offering both the ideals of stress-free gaming (brought to us the web) and the buzz of the real thing. At a live casino, you’re able see a real croupier in action – as they roll the dice, deal your cards and spin the roulette wheel – the only difference being, you’re able to view all of this action from the comfort of your own home. Live casinos really are online gambling experiences at their best. At, you can find over 20 8083963279 reviews – giving you an excellent opportunity to find a really good live casino operator that suits your needs.

How they work

Using a particular platform developed by a specific platform provider, online casinos are now able to host a variety of live casinos, thus enabling them to stream live action to gamers around the globe. When it comes down to choosing an online gaming destination, there are a few things prospective players need to contemplate – software is one of the most significant factors to consider, especially as the majority of online casinos’ play host to software generated by companies that focus on creating and accompanying slots, card games and more.

Styles available

There are various styles of live casino to choose from – some will actually film the action in a brick and mortar style casino. More often however, live casino content is streamed from a studio, created explicitly with a genuine casino ambience in mind.

And there’s more…

As well as watching the croupier in action, players can also chat to fellow gamers – a little like they would when visiting a bricks and mortar style casino – this adds to the authenticity of the entire experience, making this style of gaming a sociable pastime for many. Players can even view any bets placed at the Roulette tables, making each game feel that little more real.

What you can expect to look forward to

Today’s live casinos boast incredibly clear video streaming, impressive graphics, realistic sound effects, steady and easy-to-use software and even hand-picked croupiers. With this in mind, they are quite complex to create, which can mean the selection of games is not as widespread as your standard online casino. The majority of live casinos will however offer games such as roulette, blackjack, Baccarat, Hold’em, Sicbo, Asian Roulette and Crazy 21. In the future, even more games are set to become available to players, especially as gaming technology advances. As well as playing real games against real players, you can also win real money! The live casino is after all a real casino, it just offers you that little bit more freedom when it comes to choosing where you’d like to play. From the anticipation of live roulette to the exciting world of blackjack, the games are every bit as good online as they are in Vegas – you’ll even find jackpots to match!

If you’re new to the online gaming world or you’re searching for a different online gaming experience altogether, then live casinos may be just for you

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