Take charge of your accounts

SouthBeach Banc gives you control over your money like no one else. After all, it's your money… and you should decide how you invest in and manage your financial future

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Checking has never been easier. SouthBeach Banc gives you access to your funds like never before. Enjoy access to our secure Online Banking platform, and take your bank with you on the go using with our mobile app.

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It's your future. SouthBeach Banc offers a number of savings options, as well as opportunity for investments. With one of the best of the interest rates in the market, you can make the most of your choice.


Credit Cards

SouthBeach Banc credit cards, with chip technology, provide you with greater international acceptance and extra levels of security against credit card fraud. And with our low interest rates, you can save $$.

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Magnus' new deterministic algorithm has 100% accuracy - 0% false positives, 0% false negatives
Bots represent a grave threat to financial services but existing solutions will not work against any serious Bot attack. Magnus has developed and patented (US Patent 9,705,895) a novel solution, based on a fundamentally superior algorithm that defeats any Bot attack. New Magnus products allow Botnet protection at both the website and transaction level. Magnus offers the following advantages in addition to 100% accuracy; dynamic access pricing, granular device fingerprinting and anti-aliasing, integration with existing cyber-defenses, better compliance and flexible deployment architectures. This is the only solution in the market that can protect against sophisticated zero-day attacks from advanced polymorphic Bots. resubscription