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Thanks for visiting my website! I have been working on, and rescuing computers for over 20 yrs. I am local to Polk County, FL. But I also do web design like you will see in the pages ahead. I enjoy helping people become more literate with computers because let's face it...they are our future! So take a look around and I will see you inside!

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Hello! I have searched high and low for an e-book for all of my new members to my website. And FINALLY, I found one worthy enough for my customers/friends! In this ebook, you will learn basic computing, and a little bit of networking. But do not get too carried away, this is for novices/beginners!

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I have been tinkering with web design using such platforms as HTML5, CSS3, Java, Bootstrap, and others. If you need a website built from scratch or just need some tweaking or maintenance i'm here for you! I will ensure that I am the most reasonably priced, and design like YOU want it!

(774) 482-1786

So what am I giving away? What am I doing? Well I will be happy to fill you in on some upcoming contests and giveaways for members only! All you have to do is register and I will send you some very important information! But do not worry, your information is like my information...SAFE AND SECURE!

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You may be asking yourself, "Don, why should I register on your website?" VERY Good question, and i'm happy to tell you what you get when you Register * FREE EBook about basic operation of a computer
* FREE Monthly email from me about what's hot in the computer world!
* FREE Software to keep your computer safe from viruses/malware etc.
* HUGE discount on Preventative Maintenance (online/local)
* My Personal cellphone/email so you can call/contact me anytime with questions/concerns.

***CANCEL Your Subscription At ANY TIME! No Questions Asked!***

A tribute to my sister!


If you happened to attend the celebration of Debbie Bryant on July 7th, and would like to view/download the slideshow on the TV at the front of the group, please click