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She was forced to give up.

I didn't get an email from him today.

Have you made up your mind?

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Drinking water is one of the best things that you can do.

I don't think I'd be that interested.

He snarled out his anger.

Old people are usually very wise.

Francis hasn't packed his suitcase yet.


She dedicated her life to science.

They were forecasting rain for today.

Most satellites, including the Hubble Space Telescope, orbit in a low Earth orbit of just a few hundred kilometers altitude.


Leora skinned his elbow.


Hilda could never do what you are asking him to do.

Your idea is, as it were, a castle in the air.

Kristian didn't have any reason why he couldn't go.


Can you tell me where the nearest antique shop is?

I'd like to discuss the possibility of you coming to work for our company.

You'd think they'd tell me what they want.

What type of movies make you cry?

Does it still hurt?


Even though the posted speed limit was 55 miles per hour, Martha was driving much faster.

The experiment must succeed. The next chance will only arise in fifty years.

Wade is disgusted.

You're experienced.

Nigel bought a sewing machine for Lord.


Allan wondered why Joon wouldn't French kiss him.

Babies crawl before they walk.

They will ask you why you want to become a teacher.


I have bloody stools.

The policeman apprehended the murderer and handcuffed him.

That's the last thing I would do.


Don't watch too much TV.

We have to clean this up.

To tell you the truth, my biggest worry is what Devon will do if he finds out that Slartibartfast has been killed.

Dude, she's hot!

This river is totally non-navigable.

As he was tired, he was lying on the sofa with his eyes closed.

We were roused at daybreak by the whistle of a train.

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Clear this up for me.


That doesn't answer my question.


I never ceased pitying ourselves.


Tell me again why you like her.


Getting started is always difficult.

Someone will be with you in a moment.

She was in the habit of sitting up late at night.

Earnie greeted Gerard in French.

I thought that Ozan was single.

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They built a large plant to manufacture automobiles.

I think I prefer this room as it was, before we decorated it.

The girl wore yellow ribbons in her hair.


Have you finished writing the letter yet?


He has accumulated quite a collection of books.


I had planned to stop at the supermarket on the way home, but it was closed.

The chair needs to be repaired.

Ozan has been blacklisted.


Just take one.

Don't open the door no matter who comes.

My aunt can speak both Chinese and English.

Axel doesn't feel like taking a walk with his dog this morning.

The old lady made her a present of it and insisted she should have it.

What were you even doing there?

Give him a smile.

You have a valid point.

I thought you'd be happy.


During summer breaks, I ate dinner at midnight.


Why is the train so crowded today?

I was about to go to bed when the phone rang.

You cannot read this novel without crying.

The trade balance registered a surplus of $76 billion, with exports reaching $314 billion and imports $238 billion.

I forgot who said that.

I would like to buy.

Lea doesn't need to know who told Hui that.


Defrost the meat before cooking it.


Alejandro pointed to the right.

I was hoping to hear from you.

No, I don't know him. Of course, I know who he is, but I'm not personally acquainted with him.

Valeria stood and put on his coat.

He carried off the first prize at the chess tournament.

Manny didn't have Juliet's address with him.

I saw you spying on her.

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The difference between a standalone sentence and a sentence in the middle of an essay is that the latter has context.


Four years from now, you'll have no competition.


You're the only one who can help me.

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I don't think it would be fair.

She gave him all the money that she had then.

Perhaps you'd like to sleep on it.

I paid 5 dollars for the food.

She was just about to take a bath when the bell rang.

The sausage sat long on the grill, and got burned.

I forced her to do my homework.


Shit, where the fuck did I put my home keys?

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It is good to see you.

Price was having a bad day.

Let's let them decide.

You're a very beautiful woman.

There is a woman who wants to see you.

No, he didn't.

What drives you?

Samir asked Paola to give him a massage, but she didn't want to.

What's your favorite part of that movie?


Excuse me, I dropped my chopsticks.

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Carole didn't want any breakfast.

My father has recently returned to Japan.

Sometimes it takes more than one person to do this.

That's what I'm talking about.

They left behind hundreds of wounded men.

He refuses to become involved in the trouble.

He made the excuse that his watch was wrong.

He'll be sure to smell a rat if I'm with you.

I opened the chess game with the Italian opening.


I can not sleep well.

Tell her that I am washing the car.

He wrote the score of the opera.

What are we going to talk about?

It's a pity that you can't buy miracles like you would buy potatoes.


I thought that he knew everything about Japan.

I'm not sure Vice would want me to give you that.

They must be joking.

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People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

Shamim staggered across the finish line exhausted.

They carried on the summit conference till late.


The leader should know where to set up the tent.


I want everyone to know that I'm not a murderer.


She sold her Opel and bought a BMW.

You gave me something to live up to.

Just leave it.

The course included writing literary analyses and essays.

Isn't it wild?

One was heavy.

Why did I go wrong?


Ernest was stupid enough to believe what Jim said.

You mean everything to me.

There seems to be no need to go.

I lead a fast way of living.

Am I safe now?


I hate it here.

You are a good tennis player.

You're happy here, aren't you?

If I'm late, I'll catch it.

I don't speak French well enough!

I was with them for an hour.

She never forgave me for it.


I'm the spokesperson for this organization.

Just as she was about to leave the store, she saw a beautiful dress in the window.

May I ask you another question?

His words had a great effect on my life.

We should have given you up for adoption.

Can't this problem be solved?

I got off at the park.

Saumya lived for ninety-nine years.

I think you're going to have a lot of fun at the picnic.

I've already seen to it.

Any watch will do as long as it is cheap.

Ralph often talks to his dog.

The musical program has gone off very well.

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Stanley isn't sure when Mason is expecting him to be there.


In rich countries, few people starve.