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Time stops for no one. Technology stops for no business.

Technology has transformed everything on earth with the speed that beyond our imagination and will continue to change everything on its path while bound for somewhere new - On its way some businesses get left behind. Others are charging ahead.

In the forefront, we have been on this special journey for more than 30 years. Today, we are still passionately learning, evolving and innovating - Always want to be ahead. We have equiped ourselves with precious technology experience and along the way we garnered experience in corporate finance, business process optimization and project management.

We now call ourselves Celestial Bit. Today, Celestial Bit is the sum of experience, skill, brain power, innovation, hard work and passion. Our forefront technology experience is what made us different, this experience will guide us and you safely through various technology challenges and decisions.

Wherever technology is heading, we always there whether you need new system, new process and new innovation - We are there for you. You can be sure behind each solution that we provide, it is the formulation of our experience, skill, brain power and innovation from our dedicated, hard working and passionate team members.

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e-Commerce & e-Marketing

Internet has empowered consumers, selling is no longer where customers spend the time travelling to your shop; they shop at their convenience while comparing prices and quality before they make a purchase.

How are you going to get the customers to your online shop and ensure they stay with you and make a purchase? At Celestial Bit, We have the experience to do just that - get the customers to your online shop and stay with you to increase the likelihood for them to make a purchase.


Business is an evolving commercial activities, it faces new challenges daily, only the one overcame the challenges is charging ahead - We help you to identify the challenges facing your business and to work with you to deliver an optimum solution.

Our team of experienced consultants will work with you on a best practice approach and guide you through the implementation process for such an important system - Celestial Bit has the know-how to deliver this system with minimum disruption.

Mobile App Development

Mobile device is now the new frontier for all applications. We are excited and have acquired the skills to build innovative applications and specialised vertical solutions to extend your application onto this frontier.

Celestial Bit's skilled and agile thinking consultants drive and lead with continuous improvement principles in implementaion. This ensures best practice, quality and efficiencies in our development lifecycle. Our agile approach reduces the risks of technology implemetation.

Business Process Management

As a business centric technology company, we always involve in business operation improvement. We analyse, model and design business processes to ensure necessary optimization and automation are implemented.

Over the years, Celestial Bit has garnered valuable experience in day-to-day business operation for your business. Our experience will help to transform every aspect of your business to create a high performance team - Boost confidence, efficiency and morale.

Project Management

Doing it right from the start saves a lot of heartache, time and resources over the life time of a project - You need to engage a partner in the know! At time, your project may be in difficulty - Where do you seek help? IT projects are very high risks - Technology evolves daily and may have changed many times over the life time of a project.

Celestial Bit has the expertise in managing IT project at any stage. We employ the best Agile practice and tools to ensure your project is well defined, planned, executed and controlled in a responsive and adaptive manner - This ensures continuous delivery and reduces the project risks.

Commercialization & Value Enhancement

You have spent years of effort to develope a software or hardware, and your believe you have done your very best with lots of passion and drive. Regretably, you haven't gotten the returns you are expecting and you may be on the way in giving it up! This is the hard reallity for a lot of technology developers, you are not alone! It is time to talk to us.

At Celestial Bit, we are positive thinkers and we have the global experience that may help you to realize the value of your effort or enhance the value - We commercialize or enhance the value of your hard works and draw out an optimum exit strategy to make your dream a reality.