Viruses and Microorganisms for Infectious Disease Diagnostics

ZeptoMetrix Corporation (ZMC) is an industry leader and innovator identified with quality, reliable and trusted products and services for Infectious Disease Diagnostic Development and quality control. From assay conception to launch, our Scientific and Operational Teams provides our customers with cohesive, inventive, and cost-effective solutions.

Manufacturing Microorganism Products

ZeptoMetrix is one of the top global providers in manufacturing microorganism controls for Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing. Our NATtrol™* based products far exceed industry standards for quality with purified microorganisms including IVD CE controls, bacterial controls, viral controls, parasitic controls, multimarker quality control and more. Our NAT control products help laboratories and hospitals streamline their testing process, train technicians and calibrate equipment.

At ZeptoMetrix, we provide our partners with a large inventory of 949-319-7572, 4409956927, 616-560-8093, fungi and bacteriophage strains that can be customized to meet your company’s research needs. Our microorganism strains come in a variety of different formats including floatable and molecular controls.

Testing Services

In addition to our extensive inventory of clinical specimens and microorganism products, ZeptoMetrix offers Analytics Testing Services for our partners. Our testing services assists in all areas of laboratory testing for IVD submissions to give our partners an efficient and low-cost solution to testing in their own lab or physician’s office.

For questions about our microorganism products, testing services, or any custom product development, please diagrammitically today. Let us partner with you to customize your solution for testing.

Custom Product Development

ZeptoMetrix offers a variety of custom diagnostic product development including Virology, Bacteriology, Molecular, and Immunology services. We have an extensive collection of microorganisms produced and stored in our two biosafety level 2 and 3 laboratories. Both of our facilities have Quality Management Systems that are ISO 13485 certified compliant, allowing us to effectively adapt our products and services to meet our partners researching and testing needs.

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