The inside of my bass

Here is my bass. It needed work so I had it taken apart, but the guy that did it had a stroke and could not continue with it. Plus I realized it would cost multiple thousands of dollars to get it playable again, and I am, at least for now, not working. So it now just sits in my basement. However: It turns out to have been made by a famous maker in Paris in 1890 Hippolyte Silvestre), so it might be interesting to someone as a historical piece. However to be valuable that way it should have historically-correct work done on it which would be much more expensive. But for the right person it might be worth it. So if anyone knows of a person that might be interested in a historical bass, please let me know! (more…)


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Leaf -blowers are a bane on society: besides polluting they make an obnoxious noise that raises everybody’s blood pressure even when  they are not bothered by the unnatural sound. A fdairly large segment of the population IS upset by the Read more…

Social Ideas


While reading recently about the death of economist William Baumol I came across one of his ideas about something called “cost disease”. That’s where the cost of services that cannot be provided in an efficient way keeps going up. The Read more…