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Victorem Advantages

Victorem is intended to address a gap in the marketplace by providing a clutter-free location to execute trades and view an up-to-date view of your asset holdings in real time. Victorem also never directly controls your funds. Your assets are never withdrawn and remain at your exchange. After integrating your exchange API accounts you'll be able to use every exchange, securely from one location. As a result of Victorems commitment to security two-factor authentication is strongly encouraged for all accounts.


You can set SMS alerts to be triggered by a particular Twitter term, price event, or RSS news update. Alerts can also be used as pretext to an order creation.


Our charts for every supported exchange support a number of established indicators like Ichimoku, RSI and others. You can also map tweets from a specific account against the price activity of a given currency.


Each section of Victorem allows you to monitor and participate in the communities based around your assets. You can also download a .png of any chart layout instantly, making it easier to share your outlook.

API Integration

Victorem combines your asset statistics from each integrated exchange automatically once you enter your API credentials. Once we detect a valid API connection to your exchange all your accounts and orders are imported into your workbook.


Security is given extreme consideration and users API tokens and sessions are always encrypted. 2FA is also strongly encouraged and Google Authenticator is used exclusively.


Our charts are JavaScript and HTML, and are usable on almost any device. You can access all your assets from anywhere with one secure login.

Exchanges We Support