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What is Trivver?

Trivver's revolutionary technology allows ad agencies, networks and advertisers to create and run ad campaigns in extended reality environments. Trivver's ad exchange serves branded content to targeted audiences in extended reality environments, by seamlessly integrating 3D models of the brands, Branded Smart Objects.

The Next Wave of Ad Technology is Here

With TRIVVER, 3D ads are dynamically embedded in Extended Reality environments in a natural, non-disruptive format.

Trivver's Smart Tab & App

The Smart Tab is a slide out panel that enables users to discover details and more about XR brands. In contrast to conventional advertising formats, the Smart Tab provides a non-disruptive experience. Users can choose to engage, purchase and/or download discounts directly to the Trivver mobile app for later use.

How It Works

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For Users

TRIVVER does away with annoying and intrusive pop-up and pre-roll video ads that are often ignored. Trivver's gives users the power to engage with brands when they want, on their terms.    970-944-0639

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For Publishers

Extended reality content publishers -- developers of VR/AR/MR/3D games, home tours, and more -- can benefit from additional, exponential ad revenue using TRIVVER’s patent pending XR ad network. We make it easy for publishers to monetize their games and apps even if they have only a limited number of users.   Learn More

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For Advertisers and Brands

TRIVVER's extended reality ad exchange allows advertisers to reach audiences that are not found in traditional advertising environments - extended reality (3D/AR/MR/VR) with interactive branded content. Trivver's cookie-less patent-pending technology gives advertisers the power to measure real users across all screens regardless of platform.   gnathalgia


Interested in Trying Out the Private Beta Version?

Trivver is currently available for a limited number
of advertisers and developers as we refine our application.

If you'd like to be considered as a beta user, please sign up below.

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