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Kukula Glastris WS

Kukula Kapoor Glastris

“Breathtaking mother to her children….Devoted, adoring wife. Exceptional editor and cook. The most selfless, giving, loving person we’ve ever known.”

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“Life posts allowed me to tell as long a story as I felt my mom deserved – and to tell it so much more fully with photos.” — LifePost creator Dana Borcea

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How do you create a memorial for someone that doesn’t read like a resume—that captures his or her personality, character, and impact?


Keaton Zachary Poulter

“A gift, treasure, and blessing from God….We are blessed beyond measure to be his parents, brothers and sisters.”

Alex Emma Lee


New York, New York

The tragic loss of a teen brought an intimate, heartbreaking message through space and time from Doctor Who’s Matt Smith.


  • Pet Memorial


    “Sweet and mild-tempered, he will be missed.”

  • Memorial

    Brendan Thomas Guastella

    “Though his physical vessel has ceased to be, you can be sure to find Brendan in every act of kindness you witness or enact…”



  • Engagement & Wedding

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    Such luck — finding love again with the same person.

  • Honor


    LifePosts are a great way to not only celebrate a military hero, but to tell, share, and preserve his or her story.

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