My pc was suddenly slow, I was surfing the net there was no light here at home when the net came back it was super slow already I tried to pass the ccleaner, baidu pc faster, I took the virus, I uninstalled the programs I verified these spyware and etc … none of this worked […]

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mscorlib.resources.dll error

Lumia520 hanging in the pocket, My Lumia520 turns itself off in its pocket, and only turns it on after removing the battery. This occurs several times a day. Can someone help me? Hello GabrielElhrat. Thank you very much for posting in the Windows Phone Community. I understand that when you leave the device in your […]

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Bar Charm, Good night, it is possible to disable the win 8 charm bar definitely Hello Ronaldo Tortelli Everything good? For this it is necessary to make some changes in the registry, which is not recommended by Microsoft. There are also some applications that perform the desired procedure, just search the internet. However, my recommendation […]

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unable to verify checksum for system.core.ni.dll

Error Email Synchronization, I’ve added a new account (*** The email address was removed for privacy purposes ***) in WINDOWS LIVE MAIL 2012 and it stays forever the message “OWLM is syncing this account …. * The e-mail address has been removed for privacy purposes ***) that is in normal access, receiving and sending e-mails. […]

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I can not make a domain, I am not able to make the domain of an account, when I log in the following sentence appears. You can not use this domain name. It contains a protected word or inappropriate language. If this is not the case, contact support. The domain that I am not getting […]


narrhook.dll download

Work with tickets with bar codes, Good is the following had a PC with Windows XP I do not know HP say if it was sp2 or sp3 I now have a PC with Windows 7 unable to run the system on 7 then I installed the virtual machine XP sp3 see only the barcode […]

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ahcache.sys failed

Data transfer, I need to transfer a 102GB backup folder from Windows 7 to a connecting PC, but the image does not appear on the monitor for a PC running Windows 8 and is running normally. It is possible? Thank you … Altair. Hi Altair In this case a remote connection would only be possible […]

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fdrespub will not start

Change expired password, Today I had to access my email account that was scheduled to request change every 72 days. When I enter the option to create the new password, I type the new one and the digit also in the space to confirm new password, the problem is that the following error message appears: […]

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I can not try to get into a game in Windows Phone Store (Error Code: 805a0194), Please I’m in trouble, can someone help me? One day I joined the Windows Phone Store to be able to download a game that is already available for my phone (Nokia Lumia 520) when I looked for the game […]

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ttyres.dll download

Code 9C48 Unknown Error in Windows Update, How to Fix Code 9C48 Unknown Error in Windows Update. I request update and this code appears. How to solve this? I would appreciate guidance. Loir Vasconcelos Hello, welcome to the Microsoft community. This question is very popular here in the Community, try to perform the steps below […]