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Our organization has been using similar IMAPRO for a period of time. IMAPRO is one of the platforms which we find extremely easy to use. Most importantly, they have a great support team that has been giving us advice all this while. We are one of their pioneer merchants where both parties are trying to improve the platform further. As a merchant, a good support team is essential to enhance the service provided to our customers who deserve the best from us.

Jeff Coolair

From understanding to cooperation, IMAPRO platform gave me a lot of help in my business career. Firstly, IMAPRO platform set up a bridge for us to connect to the market in the shortest time. We can promote our service flexibility and Intuitive. The most pleasantly is their support team! They always take care to us and giving a suitable suggestion when any hesitation. As a user, as a service provider, I highly recommend to join to this platform!

Wong Electrician

I enjoy freelancing because I control my schedule and responsible for my own task management while take care to my children. Thanks to IMAPRO team for the guideline to help me to setup my profile and service to let me get more jobs through the platform with very easy and convenient. Will highly recommend this platform to all freelancer!

Qinghong Cleaning

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Celebrating Singapore 51th National Day, IMAPRO Lucky Draw Contest will be held from 22 July – 31 August 2016. Draw Prizes worth up to S$ 2,000!

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