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Automatically record, transcribe and analyse meetings. Gain critical insights into your discussions
Get detailed summaries for your Meetings and Discussions


Improve and Enhance your dicussions with our Meeting Notes
I am being awakened! My name is Bosco and I am listening….

Incorporate Notes with Bosco


Bosco joins your meetings just as a silent participant, records the entire conversation for you along with its transcription.


Bosco shares the meeting summary and transcription with detailed insights for you to analyse key points.


Bosco silently listens, records, and analyses your conference meeting conversation.
Working Together

We Achieve More

We help you to get your meeting notes ready. Taking notes in a conference meetings helps attendees retain the information presented, improves focus and increases engagement. Our mission is to help you focus on your meetings and not to worry about meeting notes.

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We Take Your Meeting To Next Level
So your Team Can Achieve More With It

For managers, sales folks, team leads and engineers their daily internal and clients meeting are an inevitable painful task. Missing out on important points or task assignments post these meetings can have serious implications on their project. is your virtual meeting secretary silently taking notes and analysing the meetings for you.

How It Works

How Bosco Manages Your Meetings

  • 01
    Accept Invitation
    Bosco reads your meeting emails, identifies topic, date, time, Number etc. and joins your meeting at right time.
  • 02
    Joining Meeting
    Bosco dials to the conference meeting at scheduled time. It silenty listens and analyses your meeting conversation.
  • 03
    Insights Summary
    Get the transcription, summary and complete analysis of your conference meeting delivered right to your Inbox.


Get your meeting notes and be omnipresent

smart email extraction

Bosco is Smart enough to understand and join meetings from an Invitation. Get all the Meeting Insights delivered to your Inbox.

joining a meeting

Never miss important discussions from meetings. Bosco attends Multiple Meetings for you when you are away.

Audio Recording

Bosco saves the Meeting Memo for you. Get complete audio recordings for your business meetings.

Minutes of the Meeting

Bosco provides Integral Transcription of your Meetings. Listen to the meeting recording by clicking on the text in the transcription.

sentiment analysis

Understand the High and Low Points of the Meeting. Understand the Meeting Sentiment without reading through each line.

Meeting summary

Bosco prepares a Short Summary of the business meeting. By Summarizing, Bosco helps you to find crucial topics and key information.
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